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How Stanley Tucci Feels About Making The Internet So 'Thirsty'

A Private War Stanley Tucci in a tuxedo, sitting at a table

Leave it to the internet to surprise the world with an unlikely, but very deserving fad. With quarantine racking everyone’s brains for entertainment, actor/director Stanley Tucci and his habit of making drinks at home has made the viewing public thirsty in more ways than one. And believe it or not, the venerated talent, who has probably starred in a handful of your favorite films, didn’t have a clue it would turn out this way.

Speaking with ET Online, in support of his role in the new Apple TV+ show Central Park, Stanley Tucci admitted that the recent stardom that’s followed his mixology skills wasn’t even intended. In fact, the reality was simply the following:

We put it out there and I had no idea it would have the effect it did.

This recent craze came as no surprise to some of Stanley Tucci’s co-stars, as his Captain America: The First Avenger partner Chris Evans mentioned the fact that those mixology skills came in handy when shooting the MCU’s introduction to Steve Rogers. Just when you thought the internet’s thirst for Tucci-related content died down after those photos of him using a wood-burning pizza oven had surfaced, leave it to The Devil Wears Prada star to mix up a fresh batch of longing.

So what is at the root of this entire enterprise? Does Stanley Tucci want to make the world raise a glass for any certain cause or reason? As it turns out, Tucci’s habit of a nightly cocktail comes from a previous calling he once held. As he put it:

But I really love it and it’s just a fun thing. I was a bartender many years ago, when I was young. And I suppose those skills stay with you.

Anything fun during these socially distant and politically tumultuous times is welcomed. Stanley Tucci just happened to drop that video at the right time, which not only stirred up his existing fanbase, but also shook some new loyalists loose in the process.

Before we go, it only feels fair to return to that Instagram video that made Stanley Tucci one of the internet’s most powerful thirst traps as of late. So if you’re thirsty for a Negroni of your own, feel free to follow Mr. Tucci’s instructions, as seen below:

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2020 seems to be a good year for Stanley Tucci fans, as not only is he currently one of the voices on Apple TV+’s animated comedy Central Park, but he also has two films slated to open in theaters this fall: Fox’s Kingsman prequel The King’s Man and Warner Bros’ remake of Roald Dahl’s The Witches. Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for news on all non-Tucci movies as well.

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