Star Wars, Mark Hamill And More Tweet Support For John Boyega During Protests

John Boyega during an interview.

John Boyega has been very vocal in showing his support for the protests over the past few days, both in his statements and his actions. The popular actor has been a frequent participant on the frontlines of the movement, and now, his Star Wars family is rallying to support him. Several have offered up tweets enthusiastically supporting what the actor is doing and others have made it clear they will continue to work with the star.

The longest of the statements came from the official Twitter account for Star Wars. It offered a picture of Boyega at the protest, a statement praising him for his behavior and a link to watch a video of the moving speech he actually gave. You can check out the tweet in question below…

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Beyond the more general Star Wars corporate account, Boyega has also seen a lot of support from other places. The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson tweeted his support, saying he “love(s)” the actor, and numerous other directors made it clear they’d love to work with the star in the future including Jordan Peele, Edgar Wright, Duncan Jones and more. Plenty of actors also got in on the praise including Mark Hamill who said he’s never been “more proud” of Boyega for what he’s been doing lately. Here’s a look at his tweet below…

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The Star Wars family has always seemed, at least when viewed from the outside, to be one that’s pretty close. Many of the cast members seem to have great chemistry both on and off the screen, and it’s heartening to see everyone being so supportive for Boyega here. Very few people can know what it’s like to be in the type of fish bowl a franchise that big and with that many fans can create. So, it’s great to see people sticking together, even if the Skywalker movies are over.

The speech Boyega gave at a rally in Hyde Park has also been going viral. The heartfelt message touched on Black Lives Matter, growing up being very aware of your race and steps to take in order to build a better future. Versions of it have been chopped and posted on social media all week, but if you want to view the entire thing, it’s embedded below.

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