Snyder Cut Fan Art Reveals Terrifying Glimpse At Darkseid In Justice League

Darkseid in the comics

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The DC Extended Universe has had a fascinating life in theaters, full of peaks and valleys. One of the shared universe's low points was the theatrical cut of Justice League, which was greatly altered from Zack Snyder's original vision for the movie. But after years of fan campaigns, HBO Max is officially making the Snyder Cut into a reality, with the villainous Darkseid set to appear. And now fan art has imagined what the iconic comic book titan could look like in the Snyder Cut.

Zack Snyder has been open about his hopes for Darkseid in Justice League, played by actor Ray Porter. Snyder recently revealed the first glimpse of the character in the Snyder Cut, although it was blurry and he was a small part of a much larger frame. As such, fans have made their own renderings of how the character might appear, especially within the filmmaker's signature color graded vision. Check it out below.

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I mean, how cool is that? While we've yet to see a detailed look at Darkseid's appearance in The Snyder Cut of Justice League, the above piece of fan art is an epic rendering of the iconic DC villain. We'll just have to wait until Zack Snyder and company have in store for the character once footage from the Snyder Cut is finally released.

This image of Darkseid comes to us from the social media of artist Christ Ave. The artist is clearly a big fan of comic book properties, and is often rendering stunning version of the characters on his social media. This includes Darkseid, as they put their own spin on the character, and filled in the blanks left from the brief glimpse we've gotten of the character. And the above art really looks like it would fit in perfectly with Zack Snyder's signature cinematography.

In this fan image of Darkseid, the ultra-powerful DC villain certainly looks menacing. He's got a behemoth physicality, with biceps that make Henry Cavill's Superman look like a boy scout. The character is seemingly on the fiery planet of Apokolips, which Darkseid rules over in the comics. It all feels very accurate to the DCEU, while also honoring the character's comic book roots.

Justice League's Snyder Cut is set to arrive on HBO Max sometime in 2021. You can use this link to sign up (opens in new tab) for the new streaming service.

Darkseid's eyes in the art are a notable shade of red, which usually means that he's about to fire his Omega Beam from his eyes. Darkseid can shoot lasers from his eyes like Superman, but there's a twist. The Omega Beam is like a heat-seeking missile, and is therefore nearly impossible to avoid. It would be awesome to see the character's powers in live-action, although it's unclear how significant his role will be in the Snyder Cut.

It should be interesting to see exactly how Darkseid factors into the Snyder Cut's plot line. He'll obviously have a connection with Ciarán Hinds' Steppenwolf, but was Justice League also setting up Darkseid as the shared universe's big bad? Only time will tell, but Zack Snyder was definitely doing a ton of world building with Justice League, before he departed the project due to a family tragedy.

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