Wait, Justice League And More DC Movies Are Already Leaving HBO Max?

Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot in Justice League
(Image credit: (Warner Bros))
(Image credit: (Warner Bros))

HBO Max’s late May launch boasted an impressive lineup of movies and television shows for the Warner Bros-owned streaming service. One cool feature is there are a number of collections to explore from the platform, such as Studio Ghibli’s animated classics, the Harry Potter series and the DC Extended Universe. But take a look at the fine print. Nearly half of the DC films currently available there are about to do what Flash does best and make a quick exit.

Fifteen DC titles are already leaving the new streaming site on July 1, even amidst HBO Max’s recent announcement that Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League will be debuting on the service next year. We’re not sure why, and chances are these titles are being temporarily shelved and will one day return to the platform. On each individual description of these movies over on HBO Max (opens in new tab) the words “available until July 1, 2020” loom. Time to get binging, I guess! Check out what DC movies are leaving next month:

BatmanBatman ForeverBatman ReturnsBatman & RobinBatman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeCatwomanJonah HexJustice LeagueThe Lego Batman MovieThe LosersSteelSuicide SquadTeen Titans Go! to the MoviesWonder Woman (Animated Movie)Wonder Woman

Well, this is a bummer! Subscribers to the new platform undoubtedly will be unhappy to see the titles that may have enticed them into a month subscription already making a swift exit from HBO Max. At least 21 DC titles will remain after July 1, including Aquaman, Oscar-nominee Joker, Shazam!, Green Lantern, HBO’s Watchmen series, Supergirl, Doom Patrol and a slew of animated films.

There’s more besides DC titles leaving next month too. Even more Warner Bros properties including The Hobbit films, along with select titles HBO temporarily had the rights to from other studios, will no longer have a home on the new streaming platform after July 1. Take a look:

American WeddingBlacKkKlansmanBraveheartGran TorinoHarold & Kumar Go to White CastleThe Hobbit TrilogyMaThe MegPractical MagicPretty In PinkSelenaShutter IslandThe Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsTropic ThunderTwo Weeks NoticeUnfriended: Dark WebUs

Let’s hope HBO Max fills this hole in content with 32 new titles to enjoy, or brings them back soon. Many other services before HBO Max have dealt with a shuffling of streaming rights over the years, most recently Disney+, which shocked its own subscribers when a number of titles disappeared and then later reappeared due to licensing issues.

Even though a platform such as Disney+ markets the library that will be available to subscribers, there are still a number of movies tied up over on Netflix or for cable channels to exclusively play. In a perfect world, we’d like to see every Warner Bros title on HBO Max and Disney title on Disney+ and so forth, but the reality is streaming needs to shuffle its titles around in order (A) to share the love and (B) keep subscribers happy with “new” releases to continuously check out.

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