Into The Unknown: The Making Of Frozen II Trailer For Disney+ Shares Intense Fandom And ‘High Expectations'’

Frozen II documentary Disney+

Movie sequels are often difficult to get off of the ground and even when they do move forward it’s often hard to top or even equal the magic of a first movie. Which is why expectations were so high when Disney, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Anderson and a whole slew of animators signed on to create Frozen II. Now, the quite-magical process has been detailed in Into The Unknown: The Making Of Frozen II, an upcoming Disney+ documentary series about making the follow-up to the 2013 hit.

The upcoming project is heading to Disney+ shortly and will follow a slew of collaborators as they made the recent musical movie come to life over a period of several years. This includes everyone from people who worked on Frozen to others who were doing tasks like “animating Anna for the first time.” You can hear people with many different points of view in the first look trailer below.

In the past, Disney and Pixar features have often added a lot of bonus features with Digital and Blu-ray sets to peruse, which means we know what early animation renderings look like and what celebrities like Josh Gad or Kristen Bell look like when they are recording in a booth. In fact, Frozen II was no exception in regards to its bonus features, but unlike those, this new Disney+ documentary looks to be more in depth.

One particularly compelling moment in the upcoming first look trailer talks exactly how Disney screens its animated films to rework problem areas. For the creators, sometimes this means making major stresses and more stress, from creating new songs to fixing major movie moments. Every three months they screen what they have for flaws until they come up with a project that works just right. The feedback is called "intense," but no one working on the movie wants "to let the fans down."

The other great news is given the dearth of brand new TV content, the release for Into The Unknown should be pretty timely. Disney has shared the upcoming "Making of" documentary will be available shortly, starting on June 26. It's also going to be six entire episodes, so there should be a lot to dig into as soon as the documentary is released. You can take a look at the new poster below.

Into The Unknown Poster

Disney+ is looking to add some splashy content this summer. Along with Into The Unknown: The Making Of Frozen II the subscription streaming service will also be releasing the full version of the musical Hamilton for its subscribers in early July and more. To see what all is coming up before the end of the summer, take a look at Disney+'s upcoming release schedule.

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