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Hamilton Dropped On Disney+ And Fans Are Having A Field Day On Twitter

Hamilton cast standing on stage in dim light

On this Independence Day weekend, something like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton dropping on Disney+ is the exact sort of balm that the world could use for its collective soul. And as of Midnight last night on the West Coast, that’s exactly what’s happened today; and there’s already tons of fan reactions signifying this fact. As one could expect, they’re pretty thrilled with the results.

Twitter is alight with various responses to Hamilton now being available to the masses, which was a massive surprise when it was announced earlier this year. Originally set to bow in theaters in October 2021, current events inspired Disney+ to let Hamilfans off the hook, and shorten the time they’d have to wait for it. And with reactions, starting with the first one we’ll include below, you can see just how dedicated this fanbase has always been:

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Whether you’re a fan that knows everything there is to know about Hamilton, or if you’re just someone mildly curious about the Broadway smash hit, you definitely want to go in as cold and as interruption-free as you can. Especially because there’s some emotional twists and turns that come from all angles of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s landmark musical. Though even if you know everything that happens in the story of tonight, you’ll still feel something spectacular, as seen in the next reaction below:

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We do have to provide just a bit of a warning though, especially if you’re a newcomer whose been in quarantine with a Hamilton fan through the past couple of months. If you haven’t experienced any of the songs, plot points, and memes that have overtaken the internet in the past couple of years, this could be you while your companion rocks to every note they’ve memorized by heart:

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It’s ok though, as everyone gets to hear, and now see, Hamilton for their first time. And while this isn’t exactly a spoiler, consider the next reaction your warning that you will definitely need tissues to watch Disney+’s brand new musical offering.

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At this point, you’re either convinced that watching Hamilton at home is either a really neat idea, or something that kind of seems like a big push to boost Disney+’s subscriber numbers. In the long run, while we’re not going to tell fans how to feel, we couldn’t help but include this last tweet that nails the best part about this fan favorite production finally hitting a wider audience:

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History is happening on Disney+ right now, as you’re officially able to watch Hamilton for the first, fifth, or fifteenth time. It’s perfect for the holiday we’re about to head into, while also resembling a reminder of what the United States was built on, and what theater can do in its brightest of examples.

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