Arnold Schwarzenegger Should Be Happy About LA’s Latest Ruling On Masks In Gyms

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in his 70s now.

There’s a new gym law in LA County. Previously, gymgoers working out in gyms were asked to wear masks when not working out, but as cases have been on the rise throughout LA County, the Count Dept. of Public Health has made some changes to the rules. Now, gym users will need to wear both gloves and masks to be in compliance with the rules, which should make Arnold Schwarzenegger very happy.

Case in point: Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a ride or die gymgoer at Gold’s Gym in California for decades now. Of course, he had to take a break during the lockdown, but as gyms were reopening, he wanted to get back into the game. He even took the added step of biking all the way to Gold’s the day the chain had opened back up, only to leave when he realized masks were not required during exercise.

According to reports at the time, he hightailed it out of the Venice gym until the mask requirment was addressed. Gold’s Gym had written out a statement at the time and mentioned the gym chain was following local protocols. Now, the mask rule is in effect in Los Angeles County, where Venice and the Gold’s location Arnold favors are located.

The County made the announcement clear on social media at the same time it also said indoor areas of zoos and museums would be closing. So, for all the uncomfortable gymgoers out there, things could have just easily shut down rather than having a few additional requirements implemented.

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According to a report from TMZ, a local news report had indicated there were a lack of masks being worn in gyms throughout LA County just before the county made the call. As of Friday, there had been 107,806 case reported in LA County during the outbreak. Cases will not be reported over the 4th of July holiday due to a technology upgrade.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a strong advocate of mask wearing in recent weeks, even before rates began going up in the United States. He’s been using his social media accounts to talk practicing wearing masks. At 72, he’s in great shape, but we certainly know that his age demographic is at a higher risk of poor outcomes, so it makes sense this would be a cause near and dear to his heart.

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It could be a while before we see Arnold Schwarzenegger back at the gym, but he’s certainly been one of the calmest and most interesting presences on social media while many of us have been stuck at home. Hopefully, he’ll continue to bring a little levity to the situation during this time. Although I wouldn’t count on seeing him at his local gym anytime soon.

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