Captain America’s Birthday Arrived, And The Internet Celebrated In The Best Possible Ways

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Another 4th of July has come and gone and, with the holiday, many people across the country find different ways to celebrate. For instance, film fans may take in a viewing of Independence Day. But when it comes to superhero fans, they mark the occasion by paying tribute to Captain America, who, in the comics, was born on July 4, 1918. The day has always been a cause for celebration among fans of Steve Rogers, and this year they came out in full force to pay tribute to the First Avenger.

Captain America fans came up with plenty of creative ways to honor the character on social media. One particular Twitter user wished Steve Rogers a happy birthday and included some notable shots from his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Of course, there are plenty of notable memories that come to mind when reflecting on the character’s history, particularly when it comes to his big-screen journey. In marking the Captain’s birthday, one fan reflected on the moment he sat in the theater and watched Rogers pick up Mjolnir in Avengers: Endgame:

One of the biggest reasons that Steve Rogers has earned a place in the hearts of comic book fans and moviegoers is his selfless nature, and this aspect of his characterization certainly wasn’t lost upon those sending birthday wishes. One user summed up his character with a notable scene from 2011’s The First Avenger:

His kind and brave demeanor is definitely something that we’ll miss. However, there is another aspect of Steve Rogers that still remains on fans’ minds, one that was humorously pointed out in Avengers: Endgame. And as you would expect, while honoring the hero, fans couldn’t leave this memory behind:

There are plenty of things to be grateful for when it comes to Captain America’s tenure in the MCU and, if we’re being honest, this is definitely one of them.

Created in 1941 by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, Captain America not only became a symbol of a country, but he was also a clear representation of what an honest, hardworking and compassionate person could look like. And as the years have passed, other comic book creatives have maintained the essence of his character while expanding on it in interesting ways.

Despite being known to comic book readers for years, Cap wouldn’t become a mainstream icon until Chris Evans first donned the shield in the MCU. The actor would prove to be just the right person for the role, which made it all the more difficult to see him retire the character in Endgame.

The fact that Captain America has endured this long is a true testament to the work of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon and how they were able to craft a relatable character and use him as a conduit to tackle the issues of the day. That legacy, along with Chris Evans’ praised performance, are sure to live on for decades to come.

And if you’re interested in reliving Steve Rogers’ MCU journey, you can stream all of the Captain America and Avengers films on Disney+.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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