How The Fantastic Four Should Be Introduced Into The MCU, According To Marvel’s Science Consultant

Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics)

There are plenty of exciting characters set to make their debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the next few years. With the likes of the Eternals, Shang-Chi and She-Hulk on their way, the fan-favorite shared universe is about to look very different. However, a team fans are most looking forward to seeing is the Fantastic Four. Marvel’s First Family isn’t due to enter the franchise until at least Phase 5, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating how they could be introduced. This includes Dr. Clifford Johnson, a science consultant for Marvel Studios.

For those who don’t know, Marvel Studios has sought out scientific, medical and cultural experts for a number of its films. Dr. Johnson alone offered his assistance on projects like Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame. But he’s already looking ahead to Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot, and he believes the best way to bring in the characters is through the Black Panther franchise:

Wakanda and the Fantastic Four should connect at the beginning, and I know how to do it. I think it would be a cool wink to the comics and another way to show diversity in science to have the entry point of the Fantastic Four into the Marvel cinematic universe happen because the Wakandans discover them in some extra dimension and bring them into the MCU. If they call me, I’m willing to go to town on that.

Dr. Johnson made an interesting point while speaking with IndieWire. Introducing the Fantastic Four through Black Panther would be a cool move, and it would make sense. T’Challa originally made his Marvel Comics debut in the pages of Fantastic Four, so bringing the FF into the MCU through his franchise would be somewhat of a full circle moment for the two properties.

Aside from coming up with ways to introduce the Fantastic Four, Dr. Johnson is also hoping to work on the film when the time comes, especially since some of Reed Richard’s work can actually be applied to his own:

That is so my jam. Reed Richards was taking his team and they were going off into weird higher dimensions and stuff. That’s stuff we’re trying to understand now in real science, so I would love to have the opportunity to help them make that look great and to weave that into a story.

Not much is known about Marvel Studios’ exact plans for the Fantastic Four franchise at this point. Following the negative reactions to Josh Trank’s 2015 film, one would imagine that Marvel wants to take its time before using the characters.

Nevertheless, fans seem more than enthusiastic about the prospect of having the four heroes back on the big screen. This even includes fan casting the characters, with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt becoming top favorites for Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

We’ll see if Marvel ends up taking Dr. Johnson’s advice when it comes to the film but, at the very least, let’s hope he does get a chance to help bring characters into the MCU.

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