Rebecca Ferguson's Training With Some Big Guns Ahead Of Mission: Impossible 7

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Mission: Impossible 7 was supposed to start filming earlier this year, just as Italy became the first nation in Europe hit by COVID-19 in a big way. The shutdown happened there before most of the rest of the world. Production has yet to get back underway, but the cast of the film isn't just sitting around waiting for filming to start. Rebecca Ferguson recently shared a picture of her training, which in this case includes the actress learning how to use a really big gun.

Rebecca Ferguson shared an image to Instagram recently which shows her looking down the sites of a sniper rifle. It would seem that in Mission: Impossible 7 we can expect Ilsa Faust to be taking aim at the bad guys with some serious hardware. Check it out.

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The original image actually comes from a company called Bare Arms, which gets tagged in Rebecca Ferguson's post, which does military support for TV and film. They act as military advisors on set but also do things like firearms training for the actors who need to handle the weapons. In this case, it seems Rebecca Ferguson is being taught how to hands the rifle so when it comes time for her to do so on the set of Mission: Impossible 7, she'll look like she actually knows what she's doing. Based on what we see here, it appears to be working. I certainly wouldn't want to be the one she was aiming at looking like that.

At this point, the word is that Mission: Impossible 7 is eyeing a September start to production, which will see the cast and crew back in Venice, Italy, where most of them actually were when Italy basically had to shutdown due to the growing pandemic, the movie was only a couple days away from the beginning of filming when the city of Venice was essentially evacuated.

While the pandemic has caused a major delay in Mission: Impossible 7, and by extension, Mission: Impossible 8, which is set to film immediately following part seven, that delay has also had real-world consequences. Originally, Nicholas Hoult was originally set to appear in the next film, reportedly as a villain, but the delay in production forced the X-Men: First Class actor to bow out, and his role is now being played by Esai Morales.

Originally planned for the summer of 2021, Mission: Impossible 7 is now set to release in November of that year, with part eight now coming out about 12 months after that.

At this point, the idea of going to a movie theater to see a blockbuster like a Mission: Impossible film feels like such a foreign concept it's difficult to even wrap my head around. Could that actually happen at some point? One can only hope we'll get to see whatever crazy thing Tom Cruise has planned someday soon.

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