Why Fatal Affair’s Steamy Love Scene Was Super ‘Awkward’ For Nia Long

Ellie and David dancing in Fatal Affair

Over the past few years, Netflix has become a true force in the entertainment world. Starting off with original television projects, the streaming service has since pivoted to a focus on original movies. Film projects like Bird Box and Extraction have essentially broke the internet, and there's a new psychological thriller that's been in the Top 10 Netflix movies since it premiered: Fatal Affair. But despite how it looked on screen, actress Nia Long recently shared that her steamy love scenes with co-star Omar Epps were actually awkward.

Nia Long has had a long career in both TV and film, including roles in iconic projects like Boyz n the Hood. And while she's no doubt worked on plenty of love scenes during this time, those sequences in Netflix's Fatal Affair were particularly uncomfortable. While plenty of moviegoers would love a chance to act alongside Love and Basketball icon Omar Epps, there was one major issue: they're already close friends. As the stars of Fatal Affair explained,

Nia Long: I was trying to play it off. The only thing that made that scene awkward is because Omar is like my brother. I had on like five pairs of underwear, three bras, five Spanx. Omar kept putting lotion on his hands to make sure they weren’t ashy and rough.Omar Epps: I try, I try.

Yeah, that'll do it. While love scenes are notoriously awkward for actors on set, the stakes get even higher when you're stimulating intimacy with a close personal friend. That was exactly the case for Nia Long and Omar Epps in Fatal Affair. Because while their characters' steamy scenes in the Netflix movie definitely help the movie pick up its pace, the reality of filming is far less glamorous.

Nia Long and Omar Epps' comments to Access Online help to peel back the curtain on moviemaking, and definitely shatters the illusion of anything sexy that occurs throughout Fatal Affair's 89-minute runtime. Movie shoots and often long and grueling experiences, as there are a ton of moving parts that go into each new release. Sex scenes are a part of the gig that most actors dread, and Nia Long is no exception in this case.

As the actress explained, Nia Long was also physically uncomfortable when shooting Fatal Affair's sexy love scenes, on top of having to kiss a dear friend. Her costume was a specific issue, and the many layers that make sure that she was covered up during the scene. One pair of spanx is hard enough, and it's clear that Long was physically restricted by her character's clothes when shooting the Netflix movie's love scenes.

Since it debuted on Netflix July 16th, Fatal Affair has only continued to get more popular on the streaming service. Peter Sullivan's thriller surrounds the lives of Nia Long's protagonist Ellie Warren as she flirts with the idea of entering into a titular extramarital affair. Upon reuniting with a friend from college, the situation soon gets physical in a bar bathroom. That's the scene in question that the two actors are referencing, which was far less sexy IRL than in the movie's theatrical cut.

Luckily for Nia Long and Omar Epps, Fatal Affair didn't have many more of these sexy scenes for its leading actors. Epps' character David soon becomes obsessed with Ellie, and we learn more about his dark past in this game of cat and mouse. Fatal Affair has clearly captured the attention of Netflix subscribers, as it's currently sitting at #5 on Netflix's movie section.

While Netflix keeps the specific of its data kept under wraps, the streaming service recently revealed which of its original movies were the most popular. Although now that Fatal Affair is becoming such a sensation, perhaps a new list will need to be made. Currently at the top are Extraction, Bird Box, and Spenser Confidential.

Fatal Affair is currently streaming on Netflix. Be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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