Boy Who Went Viral For Saving His Sister From A Dog Has Been Transformed Into The Ultimate Marvel Hero

Captain America with Mjolnir in Avengers: Endgame

The story of Bridger Walker has gone viral. Many people now know about how the young boy saved his little sister from a dog attack, even though it meant significant injury to himself. Much of the reason we know Bridger's story is because many members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have reached out to the boy directly to tell him what a hero he is. Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are just a couple of the stars who have sent well wishes to the child.

Bridger Walker is a real hero, and now, thanks to graphic artist BossLogic, he truly looks like one. In the prolific artist's latest piece of work for Instagram, we see Bridger as the ultimate Marvel hero. He now looks on the outside just like we all know he is on the inside.

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The image gives Bridger Walker the uniform and shield of Captain America, Thor's hammer Mjolnir, and even Dr. Strange's cape. At the center of Cap's uniform is the Spider-Man logo, but it's blue, looking more like Iron Man's Arc Reactor. Bridger can also fly, because of course, he can. The arm holding the hammer is armored like Iron Man. He's even got a Black Widow belt buckle. Finally, Bridger has his own hero sidekick, as Baby Groot is tagging along at the boy's heel. I think I caught everything in the image.

At least one of these items Bridger Walker will actually have, if he hasn't seen it already. Chris Evans promised to send the kid an actual Captain America shield. Robert Downey Jr. has promised to do something special for Bridger's next birthday which he promises will be even better than the shield. Because even now Tony Stark doesn't want to be outdone by Steve Rogers.

It's been quite lovely to see such the outpouring of support for Bridger Walker. The kid seems to be mostly in shock by the whole thing but he clearly loves the Marvel heroes and so seeing the actors that play them do their part to show the boy that he was a true hero has been really special to watch. And many of the clips we've seen of Walker talking to Tom Holland or watching videos from other Marvel heroes have included the sister who was nearly injured, reminding us all what it's all been about.

And it couldn't have happened to a better kid. What he did was truly selfless, and not something you would expect from somebody his age. There's no argument that he is an actual hero by any definition of the term.

We'll have to wait and see if this BossLogic image the final accolade given to Bridger Walker, or if even more is in store. Who knows what Robert Downey Jr. has planned for him. I suppose we'll find out on the kid's birthday.

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