No Big Deal, Just Liam Hemsworth Surfing Sand Dunes While Chris Hemsworth Eggs Him On

Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth side by side

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Brothers, and any combination of siblings for that matter, know a good opportunity for mischief. And if you think for a second that Chris and Liam Hemsworth aren’t world champs when it comes to such tomfoolery, then clearly you’ve never been introduced to the men that who starred in the Thor and Hunger Games franchises, respectively. Either scenario is valid, as we’re about to show you Liam surfing down a sand dune, and Chris doing what any good brother would do… film the fallout.

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Look, it’s going to be a little while before Thor: Love and Thunder gets into gear, as the film is looking to start shooting early next year. But is it too late to somehow write in Liam Hemsworth’s Asgardian actor into another sequel? Watching this Instagram of him doing the physical stuff and Chris yelling for children to “Smash him!” is nothing short of funny and/or heartwarming. So with this fourth Thor movie still in the pipeline, and the folks at home always in the mood for something sweet, this video should be considered evidence that the family needs to work together more.

Even better, if you really want to dive a little deeper into the world of cinematic stunts and shenanigans, there is that fourth Jackass movie that’s supposed to head our way next year. Which means that Johnny Knoxville and his usual gang of buddies are probably coming up with some pranks that will involve old friends and celebrity cameos. So… why not invite all three Hemsworths, Chris, Liam and Luke, to participate in one of Jackass 4’s upcoming bouts of merriment?

And yes, it’s important that Luke Hemsworth be present; quite frankly, it’s interesting that he’s nowhere to be seen in this little travelogue/video post shared by Liam Hemsworth. There’s not even a mention of the Westworld star, and as any responsible brother will tell you, it sucks when you leave one of your family out of the fun. You can practically start to imagine the earful they’d get if one of their parents heard about this, and rightfully so.

In all seriousness, it’s nice to see and hear two of the three Hemsworth brothers kicking back is a pleasant distraction from what some on the internet have called “all of this,” “this interminable hellscape,” and in some of the most extreme cases, “an election year.” And should lockdown continue to be as kind as to provide more fun with Chris, Liam and maybe even Luke in the future, then maybe it’ll be worth staying inside a little longer.

You can currently see Liam Hemsworth in the indie crime drama Arkansas, as well as the Quibi series The Most Dangerous Game; and you can catch Chris Hemsworth’s latest bone cruncher, Extraction, streaming on Netflix! And yes, Luke Hemsworth can be found on HBO’s Westworld, with all three seasons currently parking on HBO Max. So check out that 7-day free trial to get caught up on the most unsung of Hemsworths.

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