Will Jamie Foxx's Project Power Get A Netflix Sequel? Here's What The Writer Says

Jamie Foxx in Project Power

Jamie Foxx’s Project Power just released on Netflix this weekend, and the superhero movie has already hit #1 on Netflix’s Top 10 list. Though Project Power seems to end conclusively, many have wondered if the Netflix movie will get a sequel. Well, writer Mattson Tomlin has some thoughts.

Mattson Tomlin has seen a massive rise in Hollywood, having written the screenplays for Project Power and Matt Reeves’ The Batman. He may also work on a Mega Man project as well. In regard to Project Power, Mattson Tomlin has high hopes that he and his collaborators can proceed with a sequel, believing there’s still plenty of elements within that world to explore. Here’s what he had to say:

The animal kingdom is so nuts. And there’s a bunch of stuff that we came up with that that didn’t end up in the movie that that you know, we’ll see the light of day if we are so lucky to do a sequel.

Since Project Power only just released, it’ll likely be a little while before we hear anything about sequel plans, if at all. Still, if its popularity is anything like Extraction, Netflix could always fast track a sequel.

Mattson Tomlin acknowledged the fact that Project Power seems to have a pretty finite story. However, he still thinks they left plenty of things open to continue the story in other ways. While speaking with Polygon, he went on to say:

We ended up where we ended up in, in large part because we wanted to be able to go somewhere in the event that we’re lucky enough to do sequel. For me, [Power] is urban legend and people aren’t quite sure. And that means there’s a very exciting opportunity: How does the world change once everybody knows that this exists? It will change the fabric of how all of life is potentially lived. And I think that that’s a really cool place to go.

That does sound intriguing. Without getting into spoilers, Project Power did conclude its story in relatively neat fashion. However, the ending still teased that there could be some serious ramifications moving forward. All in all, it sounds like Mattson Tomlin is ready to get cracking on a second screenplay and tell that story.

Project Power is about a popular, new drug that gives people superpowers for five minutes, such as bullet proof skin. The thing is, you don’t know what superpower you’ll get until you take the drug. A local cop, played by Jamie Foxx ,teams up with an ex-soldier and “Power” drug dealer to stop the circulation of the drug before it’s too late.

So far the reviews for Project Power have been somewhat positive, but they haven't been glowing. Still, that this wouldn't necessarily hinder the film from receiving a second installment.

But what do you think? Should Project Power get the sequel treatment? Let us know!

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Jason Ingolfsland