Sharon Stone Says Multiple Family Members Have Died Of Covid-19

Sharon Stone in Ratched

The past few months have been an unprecedented time, as global health concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic continue to alter daily life. The numbers of people who have been affected by the coronavirus are massive, and include a number of well known celebrities. And while the public has followed as actors like Tom Hanks and Idris Elba recovered, it turns out that actress Sharon Stone has lost a few loved ones from the virus-- and also has other family members who are currently hospitalized and fighting for their lives.

Sharon Stone has been a public figure for decades, thanks to her long and successful career in TV and film. But as we've seen from other celebrities, fame and fortune haven't left them immune from the COVID-19. After recently sharing that her sister was in the hospital and fighting the virus, Stone opened up about already losing multiple loved ones to the coronavirus. As the Emmy and Golden Globe winner shared,

My grandmother died of COVID and my godmother died of COVID. My sister and her husband are fighting for their lives and my sister is not doing well.

What a tragedy. It looks like Sharon Stone and her family have truly been struggling as a result of the global pandemic. Because with multiple members of her family hit with strong versions of the virus, she's no doubt feeling a mixture of grief, nerves, and shock. And our thoughts are with Stone and her loved ones at this difficult time.

Sharon Stone shared these personal and very emotional details over on her personal Instagram page. While her generations of fans are eager to see the 62 year-old actress appear in Ryan Murphy's Ratched series, she's recently taken to social media in order to shed a light on the ongoing pandemic, specifically how COVID-19 has affected her family. Because in addition to losing two loves ones, she has more family members whose fate is currently unclear.

Prior to recording a video on her social media about the harsh realities of COVID relate to her family, Sharon Stone originally posted a photo of her sister who is in a special COVID room of the hospital, and fighting the virus in isolation. After that went viral, she ultimately opened up more about the subject, revealing that she'd lost loved ones and that both her sister and brother-in-law are currently hospitalized as well. What's more, the actress claims that her sister isn't doing well, which is no doubt especially heartbreaking and anxiety inducing.

Sharon Stone's generations of fans will just have to wait and see if the actress provides more updates on the status of her loved ones who are still fighting COVID-19 in the hospital. She's clearly using her platform to help spread awareness about the dangers of the virus, and there will be plenty of people closely following the ongoing situation. Everyone at CinemaBlend is thinking about Stone during this difficult time.

Corey Chichizola
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