6 Project Power Question We Have That We Hope A Sequel Will Answer

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After an intense ending, with one of the coolest superpowers ever committed to film, Netflix’s Project Power left the door open just wide enough for another entry to be brought into the world. While we haven’t heard any announcements about whether or not Project Power 2 will be happening in the near future, there’s still a good number of questions that could, and should, be answered if writer Mattson Tomlin and directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman be drafted to push their collective powers into a new installment.

If you haven’t seen Project Power on Netflix yet, feel free to turn back from this story and enjoy some of our other spoiler-free coverage until you’ve learned what the pistol shrimp can do with its little pincher. We’ve also got a convenient ending feature that recaps it all, but you’re not going to want to miss the finale for yourself, so definitely go watch the movie. For those of you still with us, here’s what we want to see answered in Project Power 2:

Project Power Joseph Gordon-Levitt getting shot point blank in bulletproof mode

Is Frank About To Make Himself An Even Bigger Target?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Power user/New Orleans cop Frank is ready to go on a righteous rampage at the end of Project Power. Ready to confront Captain Crane (Courtney B. Vance) about his involvement with Power manufacturer/big pharma baddie Teleios, Frank also wants to blow the lid off of the shadowy experiment he and his other protagonists have been. Threatening to tell any journalist looking for a big story, Frank’s life feels like it’s about to be put into even more danger in a potential sequel. Just because Teleios’ research vessel, The Genesis, was totaled by Art (Jamie Foxx) and his superpowers, doesn’t mean things are over by a long shot.

Project Power Jamie Foxx stands arms open on the deck of The Genesis

Will Art And Tracy Always Be On The Run?

Speaking of Art, we finally saw one of the sources of Project Power’s superdrug turning out to be the genetic code of his bloodline. As he rescued his daughter Tracy (Kyanna Simone Simpson) from Teleios’ clutches, the two were seen going back on the road, and on the run, from their abusers. You can imagine just how angry those in powerful positions in the company would be about the key to their future research being out in the open yet again, so just how long will Art and Tracy have to run to keep several steps ahead of Teleios?

Project Power Dominique Fishback lean around in the vet clinic

How Would Robin Factor Into A Project Power Sequel?

It would be an absolute crime if Dominique Fishback’s former Power pusher, now burgeoning recording artist, Robin weren’t brought back along for any sort of Project Power 2 shenanigans. With her character acting as a bridge between Art and Frank, creating a perfect trio of attitude and skills, it just wouldn’t be the same without her. But how would Robin factor into a sequel, as she’s on her way to becoming a big time rapper, and presumably ready to move herself and her mother to somewhere Power hasn’t touched yet? Well, a couple of these questions feel like they’re leading up to another tier of thought, which starts with the next query we have on our minds.

Project Power Rodrigo Santoro showing off a pill at his demonstration

Where Will Power Hit The Streets Again?

We learned in Project Power that Teleios has been experimenting with Power on the streets of several major cities, and pulling up stakes before anyone could start to investigate and pin anything on them. The latest test run, which we saw in the film, ended up selling the product in New Orleans, with middleman Biggie (Rodrigo Santoro) in the middle of a deal to push Power to South America, and other interested parties. The big showdown in the middle of that deal caused a lot of confusion, and there’s a chance that the buyers could have made off with some serious inventories of Power, thanks to Art and Frank crashing that particular deal. So it doesn’t feel like a question of if, but when, and more importantly where, will Power hit the streets again?

Project Power Jamie Foxx tied up, with a pill in his mouth

Can Teleios Be Brought Down Once And For All?

Project Power’s gigantic finale felt like a scenario that perfectly ends an origin story to a much larger tale in the works. Again, Teleios is a gigantic corporation that was pumped full of Department of Defense dollars, and created a drug that could destabilize any region it’s deployed into. Frank, Robin, Art, and Tracy all separate after that night on The Genesis, and it probably will only be a short time before they’re pestered by Teleios goons that think they’re doing damage control. It’s only a matter of time before Power is causing trouble yet again, and next time, it might not be as easy to quell the enemy; so just what can and will our heroes do in the name of breaking this monolithic threat?

Project Power Dominique Fishback, Jamie Foxx, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt stand together

Are There Powers We Haven’t Seen Yet In The Project Power Universe?

The last, and potentially largest question that looms over Project Power 2, and beyond if this potential film franchise picks up like it wants to, is one that’s linked to Power itself. We saw quite a list of animals that have had their DNA worked into Power’s makeup, and watching the abilities on display in Project Power, we’ve pretty much seen all of the animals name checked at work. But are there even more combinations of Animal DNA and the engine that drives the Power pill that we don’t know about, just waiting for a conveniently greenlit sequel?

Well, that’s a question that was technically already answered, as Project Power’s writer Mattson Tomlin did mention in a recent interview that there were already some insane ideas for powers that didn’t make the first film. So there’s some potential out there for anyone who wants to challenge Art, Frank, and Tracy’s abilities, and we really want to know if we’ll see something even more nuts that Art’s pistol shrimp powers of vaporization. Hopefully, since it seems Project Power’s viewer numbers have been kind, we won’t have to wait too long before an official greenlight is given. For now though, you can watch Project Power pack a punch in your streaming queue only on Netflix, dreaming of whether someone will be able to box like an overpowered kangaroo in Project Power 2.

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