Original Dune Star Explains Why He’s Psyched For Denis Villeneuve’s Version

Dune Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides

For a particular group of sci-fi fans, director David Lynch’s adaptation of author Frank Herbert’s epic novel Dune has been, warts and all, heralded as a classic. With Kyle MacLachlan’s portrayal of the protagonist Paul Atreides introducing scores of fans to what has been a touchstone of genre history, it’s natural to wonder whether he’s excited or not to see director Denis Villeneuve’s new version of Dune. And believe it or not, he’s absolutely psyched, as MacLachlan is, among other things, a huge Dune fan himself.

In fact, Kyle MacLachlan’s connection to the sweeping space epic isn’t merely anchored in his experience making the first film adaptation of Dune. During an an interview to promote the film Tesla, in which MacLachlan plays the Thomas Edison to Ethan Hawke’s Nikola Tesla, the man himself laid out his credentials, and his curiosity, to Collider as follows:

It makes me feel old. I’m really curious. [Denis Villeneuve] is a terrific filmmaker. He’s an extraordinary filmmaker, and his approach will be interesting. The cast is amazing. I think he’s done a beautiful job. Timothée [Chalamet] will be wonderful as Paul. I’m looking forward to it. I love that world so much. I’m a huge fan of the book. I’ve read the book, many, many, many times, both before we did the film and after we finished our film. It remains one of the anchors, really, in terms of the books that I return to, that made a big impression on me, when I was growing up. It was maybe number one. So, yes, I will always look for and watch anything that has to do with Dune.

Kyle MacLachlan has never been shy about his Dune fandom, but his continued excitement for this Dune reboot is still a treat. With a couple months to go before this potential cinematic franchise lands in our galaxy, there’s most assuredly some who are wondering how Timothee Chalamet’s Paul will measure up to MacLachlan’s original. So far, the photos that have been released are indicating that Denis Villeneuve’s vision of Dune will, at the very least, provide a modern version of the classic tale that can rival the original in visual splendor.

In any case, this passing of the Dune torch is being met with the enthusiasm of Kyle MacLachlan and his knowledge of Frank Herbert’s world of conflict and political gain. Which leaves only one crucial obstacle in the minds of fans and this new adventure: the unveiling of the first teaser. While Dune lets the spice Melange flow into theaters, for a new generation of sci-fi fans, on December 18, the first trailer being rumored to hit the internet on September 9. That is, of course, after it's reportedly shown in front of Tenet’s theatrical debut, starting next week. Meanwhile, you can see Kyle MacLachlan’s Thomas Edison in Tesla, which is currently available in theaters and on demand.

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