Mulan's Disney+ Release Just Took An Interesting Turn

Yifei Liu in Mulan
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Once a March theatrical release, Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan has been pulled into quite the crusade just to get into the hands of audiences this year. Niki Caro’s film was initially just delayed for a late summer release date, similar to The New Mutants and Tenet, the latter of which has recently made its way to select theaters and to international audiences. Then in a puzzling twist, the Mouse House decided it would make Mulan available to Disney+ subscribers willing to offer up an additional $30.

We are just two days before Mulan’s premiere access becomes officially unlocked for those itching to see the Disney princess in live action. But a closer look at the fine print may further complicate the decision about whether to check out the Disney film during its debut weekend. As the Disney+ website officially states, Mulan will be streaming free of charge to subscribers on December 4.

For those who decide to pay $30 to access Mulan, you will be able to continue to check out the movie early until November 2. It now becomes a decision that greatly depends on one’s own timing and patience. Do you want to see it immediately, or are you willing to wait in order to save some dough? Does anyone else feel like this is some sort of experimental test Disney is dishing out?

Back when the decision to move Mulan to Disney+ was revealed in August, Disney CEO Bob Chapek called the method of release a “one-off” that would give a broad audience to finally see the classic ‘90s musical reimagined with epic battle sequences and new villains, among other shifts. But if fans already know it's coming to normal Disney+ at some point, will the impact of the purchase wear off? It's not the same as going to the movies versus waiting for the VOD release, because in both instances, we’ll be at home watching Mulan.

It’s a curious piece of information as Mulan is set to finally hit the streaming service this Friday. The action movie is still the only major release hitting homes instead of theaters this weekend, and there are a number of territories still without access to cinemas close by. Mulan recently announced that it will be opening in China on September 11, following theaters opening in the country in late July.

If you’re not a Disney+ subscriber and would like to check out Mulan, word is you will be able to save $7 and gain access to the movie for $30 now through Apple, Google and Roku. In these instances, it has not been made clear how long the movie will be available to you. What do you think? Has this information swayed your plans for this weekend? Vote in the poll below and stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for more movie news.

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