If You Want To Feel Old, Here’s Jennifer Garner Talking About Her Kid Starting High School

Jennifer Garner playing a mom in Love, Simon

When last we heard from Jennifer Garner, she’d just finished binge-watching The Office. Time flies and now just a few days later she’s preparing to send one of her kids off to high school. It feels like just yesterday her three kids with Ben Affleck were just littles at home, but the eldest of the three, Violet, is actually off to start a brand new adventure. In a recent interview, Garner talked about her feelings regarding her little one transitioning into a whole new period in her life.

Speaking recently on the “Raising Good Humans” podcast, Jennifer Garner got candid about what life at home during the pandemic has been like recently. Her three kids are preparing to go back to school for the year, but of course, even Violet “heading” to high school comes with a bunch of question marks and asterisks, as remote learning is still a priority for her kids. She noted of Violet:

I have one starting high school and of course for her she's in a really, she's taking an incredibly tough load of classes. And I just want to support that for her. And I feel like the transition into school for her feels almost unfair. Because I know she's going into the real crunch of a year, but without the anticipation of being with her classmates and being, you know, and just going to school on the first day.

Jennifer Garner also touched on her other daughter, Seraphina, who is in her last year at elementary school. Her little boy Samuel is also elementary-aged and she refers to him as a “hard worker.” One big thing the three kids have in common is that bedtimes have kind of grown more lax during quarantine. While Jennifer Garner notes she’s not someone who can stay awake too late by nature, she is looking forward to getting her kids back into a routine.

So I just want to help her shift gears in a healthy way. And also to set the boundaries that I would set if she had an early bus ride or whatever, that she does have to go to bed. I feel like hours of sleep have been, not a free for all… but definitely we’ve all pushed later than we normally would. I’ve got to pull that back.

Jennifer Garner also touched on the idea that kids need items like new backpacks and lunchboxes with Dr. Aliza as indicators that a new school year is even starting. Otherwise, as they both noted, there’s not really a ton to look forward to other than “hunched” posture and Zoom calls.

The year 2020 has kind of felt as if it has lasted for about 15 years, so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that Jennifer Garner’s daughter is all grown up and starting her high school coursework this year. But it does go to show you that time flies. In fact, it’s been 15 years since Violet was born, but it’s been 17 years since Garner played Elektra Natchios in Daredevil. Go ahead, let that one sink in a little.

If you want to keep playing this game, it’s been nearly 20 years since Alias first hit the airwaves. In all of that time, Jennifer Garner has kept up an active acting career, recently appearing in movies like Love, Simon and her big return to action with Peppermint and TV projects like Camping. But it’s clear the whole “mom” thing is the priority these days and that’s cool too. It’s just not making me feel any younger. Good luck to Violet Affleck, who does have one more week of summer before she has to get back to work at school.

Jessica Rawden
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