Apparently, Jennifer Garner Split With Her Boyfriend And Fans Had No Idea

Jennifer Garner in Peppermint before breakup

Jennifer Garner’s been one of the most heartwarming and amusing celebrity personalities in quarantine, from wearing outrageous costumes to drinking wine in her laundry room. Apparently, however, she’s been rocking the single life this whole time too, as a new report indicates the Love, Simon actress quietly split from her CEO boyfriend some months ago.

Recently, it was revealed by an insider source that Jennifer Garner has split from her boyfriend John Miller, whom she had started dating early in 2018. According to a new report from In Touch, social distancing may have been the culprit. Both Garner and Miller led separate lives before the pandemic hit and the lack of connection during the shutdown seemingly led them to shutdown their own love connection.

In April it was confirmed the two “hadn’t seen much” of one another during lockdown, though a source close to the situation now says the two may have parted ways before the actual shutdown in March. A mid-March report did indicate the two had seen one another in Santa Monica for a date around that time, where they ate at an Italian restaurant.

Regardless of when and how it happened, it seems they have split for now. Besides, it’s 100% accurate that Jennifer Garner has spent the last few months connecting harder with her children, as they have often been seen by paparazzi taking walks with the dog and spending time together keeping the house in shape.

It’s hard to imagine a breakup could possibly be this secret if Jennifer Garner’s ex Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas split. Their relationship has been high profile and full of PDA during the months we’ve all spent more time at home. Jennifer Garner herself has had a reasonably high profile, but if this split report is accurate, she did a really good job of keeping her private life private.

In fact, though, there may have been one hint that her relationship was out the window. Back in July, the mom of three wrote about fighting for happiness after a big break-up, telling a fan who had recently suffered a huge split that she needs to remember she has “strength” and “worth.”

Your heart sounds heavy, I am so sorry. Hopefully you have powerful women in your corner, reminding you of your strength and your worth. Hopefully, you are able to calm your mind with prayer/meditation/ exercise/ art. Laughter will come and really — it is worth fighting for. Until then, all of my love.

The comment now seems even more timely given she had only recently split up with her partner of around two years at that point. Though I’m sure that split paled in comparison to the lengthy divorce Jennifer Garner underwent when she and Ben Affleck split back in 2015. I mean, really, does this look like the face and actions of someone who is totally down?

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Jennifer Garner’s busy mostly being a mom these days, but she does have the comedy Yes Day scheduled coming up. We’ll keep you posted when that comes out, as well as if someone new enters Garner’s life. Though, honestly, we may not know about it until six months after the fact!

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