No Big Deal, Just Jennifer Garner Absolutely Sobbing As She Finishes Watching The Office

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Jennifer Garner knows what it is like to film a major TV series finale, and she also knows what it means to experience a meaningful one as a viewer. The Alias star opened up during an Instagram video and revealed she was a sobbing wreck after she finished watching The Office. Sure, she's seven years late to the party, but better late than never!

I can only imagine how emotional Jennifer Garner got during Michael and Pam’s farewell scene before The Office ended, or wait, no, I don't need to only imagine it at all. First things first, though. Garner revealed that she and Ben Affleck’s kids had been binge-watching the show as they spent time in quarantine, and here was the aftermath of that extended viewing experience:

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How can anyone not adore Jennifer Garner’s reaction video? Especially since it was shot in front of a sign saying, “Thank you, Dunder Mifflin.” No, thank YOU, Jennifer Garner, for being so real about how you felt after watching the (no longer filmable) antics of The Office's many memorable characters as it all came to a close. It is super-sweet that Jennifer Garner shared this cute reaction. The narration, as the video plays in accidental slow-motion, is hilarious.

Even though the NBC series is known to be a gut-busting comedy that arguably lagged in its final seasons, the finale was particularly praised for being a proper wrap-up that hit all the right notes. Clearly, Garner would agree with the latter part of that assessment.

I have to admit that in this video, Jennifer Garner is almost as emotional as I was after my own favorite shows of years past (such as Game of Thrones) ended. It's worth considering that it obviously did not take nearly a decade's worth of time for Jennifer Garner to get as emotionally invested in The Office, which ran for nine seasons from 2005 through 2013. Rather, Garner and her kids managed to binge 201 episodes during the quarantine, compacting all those feelings into a much smaller window. Yes, I am incredibly impressed.

It is nice that Jennifer Garner had something uplifting to enjoy during her and her family’s time in quarantine. Garner reportedly split with her boyfriend during the global pandemic, so if she needed a laugh, The Office and its legendary inside jokes were there for her.

Now that she has finished watching the series, I wonder if Jennifer Garner is hoping for a reboot along with many other fans. There has been chatter for years, and The Office’s executive producer weighed in on one potentially happening at Peacock, so stay tuned. Speaking of which, fans will not be able to binge the show on Netflix for much longer.

The Office is heading to Peacock, and something new will accompany its debut on the NBCUniversal streamer. So, if Jennifer Garner ever wants to stream The Office again with a few new scenes, that is where it will be. (If she is curious solely about reliving Jim and Pam’s relationship, these 45 essential episodes tell their love story.) Now imagine all of the fun Garner will have learning all kinds of behind-the-scenes trivia – such as John Krasinski wearing a wig for a span of episodes – now that she has finished watching the show,

Stream The Office while you can on Netflix! It is currently available to watch (in its entirety) on Netflix, along with lots of new 2020 releases. If you are done binge-watching like Jennifer Garner, you can look forward to this fall’s premieres.

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