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James Bond Fan Art Imagines Tom Hardy As 007

Venom Tom Hardy looking concerned

If you happened to have internet access this weekend, and should you be a part of the massive and historical James Bond fandom, you were more than likely in for a shock this weekend. Supposedly, there was a big announcement that none other than Tom Hardy was named as the next actor to play 007 in the post-Daniel Craig era of Bond films.

While this seems more than likely to be a rumor gone a little too wild in the heat of anticipation for No Time To Die, this hasn’t stopped the artists of the internet from cooking up concept art for how Tom Hardy would be marketed as James Bond. Take a look for yourself, below:

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While the timing and the supposed veracity that some outlets are treating this rumor with serving as a perfect storm of question marks, that hasn’t stopped famed internet artist Boss Logic from dreaming up a teaser one-sheet for a Tom Hardy-led Bond adventure. Using his Instagram profile, the artist proclaimed that he was remixing some John Wick action to craft his vision of the next 007, and it definitely shows in the best possible way.

In particular, there’s one poster that Boss Logic invoked from the John Wick mythos that’s been used as the inspiration for this dream casting. Check out the original poster from the 2014 original below, which shows Keanu Reeves taking a similar aiming stance.

John Wick poster

Tom Hardy has ridden quite a few waves of 007 candidacy, as he’s been in the mix as a top competitor for some time. Even this past summer, when a wide field of betting odds was released to the public, he stood at 8/1 odds alongside Michael Fassbender. Though, with recent news cycles shifting the odds in the favor of other candidates, such as current cinematic Superman Henry Cavill and Outlander heartthrob Sam Heughan, that picture has probably already shifted. Don’t expect to hear Tom Hardy’s thoughts on the matter any time soon, as he’s previously met that sort of questioning with the same logic as making a birthday wish.

Meaning, if Tom Hardy talks about the possibility of being James Bond, he’ll automatically be out of the running. Which is probably a good thing, as until an official announcement comes from EON Productions themselves, even those betting on the supposedly sure thing can’t know for sure. As it currently stands, Tom Hardy is a prime candidate for the next era of Bond, but you may want to hold off on printing celebratory banners for a little longer.

However, if we were to put our two cents in, it’d be safe to say that until the No Time To Die hype machine is officially retired, we won’t be hearing any such news. Which might be why the 25th Bond film is doubling down on opening in theaters on November 20. So stick with us in the meantime, as James Bond will return to CinemaBlend. It’s just a matter of which face he’ll be wearing when he does.

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