No Time To Die Doubles Down On 2020 Release With New Poster

No Time To Die Daniel Craig stands, banged up and angry

In a time where the Hollywood calendar looks like it’s about to undergo another massive shakeup, it’s good to know that there’s still one name you can count on… at least for the time being. MGM and Universal seem hell bent on getting Daniel Craig’s final adventure as James Bond into theaters in 2020, and they’ve just doubled down on that claim in a pretty big day. As you’re about to see, the studio partners have confirmed that No Time to Die is still very much planned for a November debut, thanks to a brand new poster they’ve just released.

Not too long after releasing another new poster, and a brand new reel of trailer goodness advertising the 25th James Bond film’s fall release window, another simple but effective look has been sent out into the world. Take a look for yourself, courtesy of No Time To Die’s latest promo artwork, provided below:

No Time To Die Bond storming Safin's hideout

With an image that looks like it’s taken from 007’s efforts to storm the mysterious hideout of the coolly evil Safin (Rami Malek), complete with assistance from Lashana Lynch’s fellow 00, Nomi, No Time To Die shows the other half of the Bond coin in its latest November pitch. Wearing more tactical gear than we saw in his last, tuxedoed one-sheet, Daniel Craig has his gun raised, in mid-running stance, and the film’s logo and timeframe laid out before him. Some may be slowing down their theatrical plans, but at this moment, James Bond is still on the move.

This announcement comes at an interesting time in the reopening game that theater chains and studios have been playing. With Tenet not exactly proving to be the theatrical savior it wanted to be, we’ve already seen Warner Bros move Wonder Woman 1984 from its proposed October date, straight into a Christmas 2020 debut slot. Rumors of Disney looking towards another delay to Black Widow’s grand opening, as well as the continued speculation that Disney/Pixar’s Soul could debut straight to Disney+ only muddy these waters even more in the long run. And yet, in a move that’s truly on brand, 007 stands ready to continue the mission as planned.

It’s an interesting contrast to see No Time to Die go from one of the first major films to postpone its 2020 release to what could be one of the last pictures to shift their fortunes at the last possible moment. The clock is ticking, and if plans continue to hold, this movie will bring Bond back to the masses, in theaters, on November 12th in the UK and November 20th in the US. Should that change at any point in the near future, you can count us to break those updates as they occur. As always, James Bond will return to CinemaBlend; and if you want to see what’s coming to theaters through the rest of the year, head to our 2020 release schedule for all the information you could need!

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