Dan Levy Shares The Cool Way Toronto Celebrated All Of Schitt's Creek's Major Emmy Wins

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After Sunday night's run on the comedy category at the Emmy Awards, I think it's pretty fair to call Schitt's Creek the little show that could. The heart-warmingly off-beat sitcom spent most of its first three seasons being lauded by the (seemingly few) people who were able to find the show in the U.S. on Pop, but widely un-watched and unrecognized for its achievements. That began to change once Netflix got the rights to air past episodes, however, and Season 6 has gone down as a record-breaker. Now, co-creator / star / executive producer Dan Levy has revealed how the city of Toronto celebrated all those wins.

Netflix helped open many eyes to the wonders of Schitt's Creek, so the final season, which wrapped earlier this year, was highly anticipated by way more people than previous seasons. While the comedy was already greatly praised in Canada, where it filmed, American audiences needed that streaming push, and it finally garnered some much deserved Emmy nods in 2019. This year, though, the series walked away with 15 nominations for Season 6, and took home nine trophies. So, how did the show's home city celebrate? Take a look at Dan Levy's Twitter post to see!

Isn't that cool? The city of Toronto basically dedicated one of its most well-known buildings to Schitt's Creek by turning the night lights gold the day after all of the show's wins. The CN Tower, also known as the Toronto Needle, has been known to display different lighting depending on the occasion, so it was clearly a very big deal to Dan Levy, Noah Reid, and everyone else in Levy's photo, not to mention, I'm sure, the rest of the cast and crew for the series. Can you imagine doing something so big that the officials of an entire major city decide to honor you publicly? Well, the good people of Schitt's Creek don't have to imagine it anymore.

For those who are still uninitiated to the many charms of Schitt's Creek, it focuses on the Rose family, who were once living the high life with all of their wealth and privilege, but found themselves without much but the clothes on their backs when it was revealed that they're completely broke. Parents Moira (Catherine O'Hara) and Johnny (Eugene Levy) then head for the only refuge they figure they have left, a tiny town called Schitt's Creek, which they bought as a joke decades prior. With their spoiled adult children, David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy), in tow, they take up residence in a run down motel and begin rebuilding their lives.

OK, that might not sound funny, but you can rest assured that Dan Levy and the rest of those behind Schitt's Creek managed to create a show which could be truly wacky, sentimental, and still show how the Rose family was able to grow (sometimes in spite of themselves) because of their new circumstances. As far as I'm concerned, O'Hara and Murphy deserved their Emmys just for the ways they pronounced "baby" and "ewww," respectively, so I can't imagine that long-time fans aren't thrilled with how the show racked up awards during the ceremony.

You can see Seasons 1-5 of Schitt's Creek right now on Netflix, with the award-winning final season debuting on the streamer October 7. Once you get your fill of Dan Levy and the gang, you can see what else is coming to the small screen soon with our guide to fall TV!

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