Why Mission: Impossible's Henry Cavill Is Very ‘Jealous’ Of M:I 7 Filming Right Now

Mission: Impossible - Fallout Henry Cavill looking out from a porch in the mountains

Henry Cavill has lucked into a lot of gigs that require quite a bit of hard work, as he’s already played Superman, Sherlock Holmes and is putting his name into the world to become the next James Bond. And somehow, amongst this wealth of opportunities that the man has scored, he’s still finding himself hung up on a past job, jealous of the fact that Mission: Impossible 7 is happening right now, and he’s not a part of it. Who can blame him though, as this jealousy was sparked by the fact that his experience filming Mission: Impossible - Fallout was such a good one that he wishes he could be back with Tom Cruise and company.

Henry Cavill waxed philosophical as he was reminded of the fact that not too long ago, Mission: Impossible 7 started filming again with a bang. With a huge motorcycle stunt that saw Tom Cruise riding a bike off of a mountain-based ramp, the Empire Podcast was inspired to ask Henry Cavill if he missed the Mission: Impossible experience or if he was thankful to have moved on. Despite his character August Walker being killed off in a rather spectacular and gory fashion in the previous mission, the once and potentially future Superman saw his jealousy manifest as follows:

I was extremely jealous. Extremely jealous. I want to be there, I want to be parachuting off a motorbike into a canyon. Why can't I be there?

Listening to Henry Cavill go into the experience he’d had on Mission: Impossible – Fallout is enough to make a fan of the franchise sad that his character met a rather traumatic end. So in a very serious, flat answer as to why Cavill isn’t in the Mission: Impossible sandbox anymore, it’s because August Walker got the hook. No, literally; as you’ll see in this quick and brutal moment below, that statement is quite accurate.

Still, Henry Cavill has resurrected himself time and again, especially as the DCEU’s Superman as of late. And if Mission: Impossible 7 wanted to get creative, surely massive head trauma and disfigurement could be worked around in bringing his baddie back from the dead. But seeing as things are already on their way back to normal on that particular set, and audiences are now fawning over the hottest Sherlock Holmes in some time with Enola Holmes, it feels like that ship truly has sailed.

You can practically picture Henry Cavill sitting in his living room or his trailer for whatever project comes next, listening mournfully for a bike revving its engines in the name of action. While it’s unfortunate he can’t be there himself to see Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt go forth for a seventh and eighth action-packed adventure, you can bet that Cavill will bittersweetly smile, knowing that a new mission will be on its way to the people.

Mission: Impossible 7 is slated to take off into theaters on November 19, 2021; while you can see Henry Cavill and his popular curls in Enola Holmes, which is currently on Netflix. Though if Mr. Cavill is still looking to reunite with his old pal Tom Cruise, there might be some room on his mission into space. Have your people call his people, Henry.

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