Henry Cavill Fans Can’t Get Enough Of His Enola Holmes Hair

Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes (2020)

Netflix’s Enola Holmes will be with us soon, and fans are excited to see Millie Bobby Brown’s teen sleuth embark on a mission to find her mother. While Brown is clearly at the center of the story, fans are also taking notice of Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes, especially his dark curly hair. Cavill’s locks were one of the most pleasant surprises to come out of the film’s teaser, and fans quickly took to social media to discuss them. Now, following the full trailer’s release, Cavill stans have become infatuated all over again.

The latest Enola Holmes trailer dropped only yesterday, but plenty of people have been offering their thoughts on Henry Cavill’s hair on Twitter. Many fans see it as one of the key elements that makes up this new “hot” Sherlock Holmes:

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When it comes to Henry Cavill’s hair, there isn’t exactly a competition, yet one fan took the liberty of assigning a score to the hairdo. And it can definitely be said that they were more than generous:

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Sherlock Holmes is primed to be another role that Henry Cavill becomes synonymous with, and it could even rival his fan-favorite role as Superman. One fan has even pointed out one way in which Cavill’s Holmes look improves upon his version of the Man of Steel:

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It is a fair point, as the iconic curl was the one of the key elements missing from Cavill’s Superman look. Luckily, fans will still get to see him sport a similar look for this film. It’s something that fans appreciate so much that some are already creating montages with the Cavill footage we’ve seen so far:

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With the immense love that the actor’s curly hair gets, it’s hard to believe that we rarely see him sporting curls in his projects. One fan made note of this and made her appreciation for the curls’ presence quite clear:

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Other actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch managed to make strong impressions with their versions of the famous detective. However, I don’t think fans have ever been more excited to see an actor take on the role than they are for Henry Cavill. Aside from his looks, the actor really does have the chance to bring something new to the role through his acting chops.

With Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes serving as more of a supporting character in Enola Holmes, it’s unclear just how much screentime his pristine locks will get. But it’s fair to assume that however long they’re on screen, fans will only be left wanting more of them.

Still, just a chance to see those elusive curly locks will be satisfying enough. We’ll be able to see them in all of their glory when Enola Holmes hits Netflix on September 23.

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