Actor Rick Moranis In Hospital Following Sucker Punch In New York City

Rick Moranis in Honey I Shrunk The Kids

It’s been said before, and it’s surely going to be said again before the year is out, but 2020 is wild. A new example of the typical unpredictability that we’ve seen in this calendar year is one that is disgusting to hear about, but thankfully isn’t a total tragedy. Beloved actor Rick Moranis was sucker punched on the streets of New York yesterday, but thankfully is recovering in the hospital, after some injuries related to the fallout of this attack.

The footage of this particular moment, which has been shared by ABC 7’s Eyewitness News shows Moranis, walking down a street on New York’s Upper West Side, minding his own business early in the morning. But the peace was interrupted by an unknown assailant sucker punching Rick Moranis in the head, causing him to fall. The Ghostbusters and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids legend eventually went to the hospital for evaluation, as his head, back, and hip were injured.

Mostly retired from the acting limelight for many years, Rick Moranis has seen a bit of a resurgence as of late. With his appearance on the Disney+ series Prop Culture marking one of the first modern projects to boast the actor’s visage, there are several other projects that Moranis has lined up in the recent years. Most notably, Rick Moranis will be returning to the role of Wayne Szalinski in the upcoming Disney legacyquel, Shrunk.

But who on earth would want to sucker punch Rick Moranis? The man who has played many a lovable geek and everyman for decades, giving people joy in everything from the blockbusters we’ve previously mentioned to cult classics like Strange Brew and the currently on HBO Max My Blue Heaven. We’re certainly not the only people confused about this surprising and heinous act, as Hollywood has already started to respond, starting with Captain America himself, Chris Evans:

An even more personal response to the attack on Rick Moranis comes from fellow Canadian/Mint Mobile owner Ryan Reynolds. As he recently featured an ad that surprisingly showcased Moranis not selling his new mobile phone plan, Reynolds almost feels responsible for what happened. At least, that’s what it sounds like in his funny and sincere wishes for recovery below:

It’s a maddening situation, for sure, as the assailant hasn’t been identified just yet. With the investigation ongoing, we’ll have to wait for more news about whether or not the perpetrator will be brought to justice. We here at CinemaBlend send out best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mr. Moranis; and as soon as any updates are to be had, we’ll report them as they occur.

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