11 Great Movies Coming To HBO Max In August 2020

Birds of Prey Harley Quinn and friends march into battle

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While the Harry Potter franchise might be leaving HBO Max towards the end of August 2020, it’s not all bad news in terms of the streaming service's incoming lineup. Actually, there’s a lot of good movies that are coming back, as well as some brand new movies to make the next month of HBO Max action all the more exciting. Comedy, horror, suspense and drama all get their turn in the next batch of debuts, and there are even some classics heading into the mix as well!

Please note that unless specified, most of the titles on this list will be headed to HBO Max’s lineup as of August 1. Also, if you want to see what notable titles came online during this past month, the list of the best incoming movies for July 2020 will be provided for your perusal as well. At this moment though, it’s time to see what exciting new flicks are headed to HBO Max in August 2020!

The Fugitive Harrison Ford on a pay phone

The Fugitive

Making a film based on a TV series isn’t an easy feat, especially when it’s based off of a long term mystery like The Fugitive. But the fact that this 1993 action-thriller took the legendary CBS series and turned it into a very modern, self-contained thriller isn’t the most impressive aspect of this Harrison Ford starring vehicle. The film eventually became a major contender at the 1994 Oscars with seven nominations, including Best Picture and a win for Tommy Lee Jones as a Best Supporting Actor. Above all else though, this is a slick mystery that still plays as perfectly today as it did almost 30 years ago.

Kung Fu Panda Po poses on a mountain

Kung Fu Panda

Speaking of underrated, it’s not hard to see how in the same studio stable that gave us Shrek and How To Train Your Dragon, a hit trilogy like Kung Fu Panda could get lost in the shuffle. However, that just means that Jack Black’s Po is a character whose adventures can easily be revisited, as they aren’t as well known or as potentially overplayed as either of those other films. With Po’s journey to become a kung fu master starting in this 2008 blockbuster, it’s a saga that starts the way it finishes: with a huge heart and impressive action.

My Blue Heaven Steve Martin tries to size Rick Moranis up for a suit

My Blue Heaven

Mention Rick Moranis or Steve Martin in a conversation with your movie loving friends, and if anyone happens to mention My Blue Heaven when talking about both of these comedy titans, they’re they type of friend you need to keep around as long as you can. The tale of a straight laced FBI agent (Moranis) who has to keep watch over a mobster (Martin) who’s set to testify against his former crime family, My Blue Heaven is a comedy gem that’s flown under the radar for some time now.

Ocean's Eleven part of the crew lined up for action

Ocean's Eleven

Another remake that totally grabs the source material and runs with it, Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven works with elements from the Rat Pack-starring original. Playing with audience expectations, Soderbergh’s all-star cast (including George Clooney, Brad Pitt and the late Carl Reiner, among others) tell a story that only their collective skill set could tackle. You’ve probably seen this one already, but is it ever a bad time to revisit Danny Ocean’s caper of precision and shenanigans?

Spy Game Robert Redford and Brad Pitt staking out a target

Spy Game

As a CIA operative (Brad Pitt) is set to be executed before the President’s visit to China, it’s up to the man that trained him (Redford) to launch a last ditch effort to save him on his last day before retirement. Another impressive entry in the canon of late director Tony Scott, Spy Game is a must for anyone who loves a thinking person’s espionage thriller. It also pairs well with the next film of his we’re about to mention.

Three Days of the Condor Robert Redford out on the street, with his coat collar turned up

Three Days Of The Condor

Three Days of the Condor sees Redford play Joe Turner, a CIA operative whose job is reading the printed word to help decipher potential plots of intrigue. Unfortunately for Joe, he gets roped into a real-life game of death, as he may have stumbled onto something a little above his pay grade, and he’ll have to stay a step ahead of the game to survive. So if you're in the mood for a Robert Redford Spy-Fi double feature following the legendary actor taking down organizations with inside knowledge, you’re pretty much set.

Time Bandits Kevin hides behind the Bandits

Time Bandits

A Terry Gilliam classic that’s set to be remade into an Apple TV+ series, Time Bandits is a film you definitely need to watch before it’s reimagined for a new generation. Showing the adventures of a neglected young boy (Craig Wornock) and his travels throughout time and space with a band of mischievous time travellers, Time Bandits is a movie that could have only come from a member of the Monty Python family. A deep cut favorite of ‘80s movie buffs, wider audiences will now be able to catch up on the fun they may have only ever heard about.

Top Hat Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in mid-dance

Top Hat

Distinguished readers, stop the presses: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are headed to HBO Max! The legendary dancers are going to see a couple of their classics going into streaming circulation, including what’s arguably their most classic collaboration, Top Hat. Two of the most impressive performers in the early days of film, Astaire and Rogers play a pair of actors who meet after a bit of late night tapdancing and eventually fall in love. That’s not really spoiling anything, as you don’t watch Top Hat merely for the love story, but you come to this party for the abundance of fancy footwork.

Walk The Line Joaquin Phoenix and Resse Witherspoon lie together on a couch

Walk the Line (Extended Version)

Walk The Line is collaboration between director James Mangold and actor Joaquin Phoenix to tell the story of Johnny Cash’s life and times, both good and bad. While we see Phoenix bristle with energy throughout what could have been a business as usual movie, it’s Reese Witherspoon’s Oscar-winning performance as June Carter Cash that really revs things up. Whether you’re a country fan or not, the magic of Walk The Line will rope you in, sure enough.

Birds of Prey marveling at a fallen foe

Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn)

Should you have missed the theatrical run of Birds of Prey, the film’s debut on HBO Max is good news for those of you who didn’t want to rent or own the film during its Premium VOD release. Margot Robbie’s Harley makes her solo debut as one of Gotham’s most infamous criminals team up with a bunch of do-gooders (Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosie Perez and Mary Elizabeth Winstead) to raise some hell in the criminal underworld.

Available August 15th

The Way Back Ben Affleck hypes up his team in a time out

The Way Back

Ben Affleck dug deep into his own personal experiences to make his portrayal of a struggling alcoholic in The Way Back all the more believable. An inspiring story of perseverance and teamwork, it’s not quite the sports movie you’d expect it to be. Rather, The Way Back is a very personal story of overcoming addiction, with basketball as a vehicle for Affleck’s character to reconnect with people at large. It’s tremendous work.

Available August 29th

That’s all for the impressive HBO Max titles coming your way in August 2020. If you’re not a subscriber yet, check out the 7-day free trial that’s being offered, and get your fill of streaming delights. Though keep in mind, all titles above are subject to change or availability. Until next time, stream responsibly, and we’ll see you back here next month!

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