The 355 Trailer: Female-Led Spy Movie Includes A Killer Cast

Jessica Chastain in the 355 2020

Just about everyone loves a good spy thriller, as the espionage, international travel and political intrigue are just too entertaining to ignore. When people think of the genre, their minds likely go to franchise like 007 and Mission: Impossible. But now it appears that a new team of spies will rise, as the first trailer for The 355 has arrived. And it features an incredible cast that’s ready to take names and kick butt.

The first trailer for The 355 shows Jessica Chastain as a wild card agent, who must join forces with other skilled agents to when a top-secret weapon is obtained by a mercenary. Her team is rounded out by a marquee roster of talent including Lupita N’yongo, Penelope Cruz, and Diane Kruger. The film also includes Fan Bingbing, Édgar Ramírez and Sebastian Stan. Check out the awesome trailer below:

The film is directed by X-Men veteran Simon Kinberg from a screenplay he co-wrote with Theresa Rebeck. Kinberg also serves as a producer alongside Jessica Chastain and Kelly Carmichael.

This definitely seems primed to be a film filled to the brim with adventure and, of course, it’s refreshing to see such a film headlined by a group of incredible leading ladies. What’s even more amazing is that the film includes women of different nationalities. It’s crazy to say but even today, this isn’t something you see all that often in a major blockbuster film.

What’s interesting is that each actress also brings a specific skill set in terms of their acting abilities, so it’ll be exciting to see how they all play off each other. This will be made even more intriguing by the fact that conflict will abound within the team as they seek to complete their mission. Both Chastain and Kruger’s characters, in particular, are likely to be at each other’s throats for a portion of the film.

There’s also the matter of Fan Bingbing’s character, who may or may not be the antagonist. If spy movies, have taught us anything, it’s that not everything is as it seems.

As mentioned, travel is a major part of spy films, and The 355 appears to be taking its characters to a number of places, such as Paris and Morocco. Globetrotting adventures can sometimes be difficult to pull off. Although adding cool locations adds to the experience, having these locations flow naturally into a story can be a challenge. Hopefully, Kinberg and Rebeck’s story doesn’t just throw in these locations for the sake of it but utilizes them in an organic way.

With a capable cast and an exciting premise, there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to The 355, and it has the potential start 2021 off with a bang.

The 355 will be released on January 15, 2021.

Erik Swann
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