How Netflix's Hubie Halloween Accidentally Got One Local News Anchor Fired

Hubie Halloween Adam Sandler shocked on someone's doorstep

Occasionally in the modern world people are fired for reasons that are offbeat and unusual. But for former Boston news anchor Alaina Pinto, the reason she lost her seat at the 7 News desk is one of the most interesting: she landed a cameo in Netflix’s latest holiday offering, Hubie Halloween. While the story that follows isn’t one of malicious intent, it’s certainly an interesting scenario to occur in a world where news professionals like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer can pop up in a Mission: Impossible movie.

With the film’s debut landing on Netflix last week, a chain of events was apparently offset that led to Pinto’s termination from her position in the Boston news community. Surprisingly, playing a small part as a news anchor in the fictional world of Hubie Halloween was apparently a big no-no, and Alaina Pinto explained why in a series of messages she posted on Twitter. The story behind her firing is as follows:

Hi Friends! I have some news to share. Earlier this week I was let go from 7 News. I am posting this because I want to be open and honest with all of you. Last year, I participated in a cameo in the recently released Netflix movie by Adam Sandler, Hubie Halloween. In doing so, I mistakenly violated my contract with the station and I understand why management unfortunately chose to terminate me. I am deeply disappointed and saddened, and I hoped this would not be how things evolved. Thanks to all my wonderful 7 News viewers and my supportive and great colleagues at the station. Reporting the news to you every morning was an honor and a privilege. I promise to stay in touch and keep you updated on the next chapter - the future is bright!

It’s certainly not good news that a small cameo in Hubie Halloween ended up costing Alaina Pinto her job. However, in the terms that she laid out above, the cause for termination is something that unfortunately the world is not privy to. Coming down to contract clauses that were accidentally violated, it’s not like Pinto was let go from her post because she merely decided to be in the wrong movie. Though, if we’re being honest, her cameo does serve one of the funniest running gags present in Hubie Halloween.

Throughout the entirety of Hubie Halloween, there’s a recurring joke about how after her Suicide Squad costume’s debut, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn has become quite the popular choice of Halloween wardrobe. Which cues a torrent of characters, Alaina Pinto’s cameo included, wearing variants of that same outfit throughout the Adam Sandler Halloween comedy. It’s a fun joke that helps nail the true seasonal spirit the film, and it works like a charm.

Alaina Pinto’s acceptance of the Hubie Halloween gig shows us just how fun it must be to take part in an Adam Sandler comedy. It’s unfortunate that she is no longer with her previous employer as a result, but the silver lining is that should Ms. Pinto want to get into the world of acting, she does have a pretty killer reference to put on her resume. Hubie Halloween is now available on Netflix’s streaming library, with plenty of easter eggs and running gags for audiences to dig into. But don’t forget to check out what else is on the horizon, courtesy of the 2020 release schedule. Moviegoers cannot survive on Hubie Halloween alone.

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