Adam Sandler Talks Hubie Halloween, Knowing The Difference Between When His Movie's A Hit Or A Flop

Adam Sandler as Hubi Dubois in Hubie Halloween (2020)

Adam Sandler has done countless movies over the last few decades, which have helped make him the A-list star he is today. But like any other actor, not every film he’s made has been a hit. This is a testament to how difficult it can be to predict when something will or won’t resonate with viewers. Despite the use of test audiences and feedback from execs, studios and stars are taking a chance whenever they release a new piece of content into the world. As Sandler's latest Netflix flick Hubie Halloween hit the streamer, the actor how he distinguishes what will hit from what will flop.

Having been in the industry for so long, it’s no surprise that Sandler now has a sense of when one of his movies will succeed or fall below expectations. He recently explained that the way he feels ahead of a new movie’s release is what helps gauge its success for him:

I just got it. You get a feeling. When I have a hit coming, I walk differently. The bones feel better, I hear better, I react better to like ‘Hey, Sandman’ on the street. I’ll go, ‘Hey, what’s up.’ When I got something coming out that’s not going to do well, the bones feel dead, there’s no hop, I’m flat-footed, I hear, ‘Hey, Sandman,’ and I do this [mimics a don’t talk to me motion] ‘No, no.’ You know? [Hubie Halloween]’s a hit.

Some say that when you get older, your bones can tell you what the weather is going to be like, but I guess that in Adam Sandler’s case, his bones tell him if a movie is or isn’t going to work. Although his comments on The Dan Patrick Show may sound unconventional to some, I wouldn’t doubt the Sandman at this point in his career.

Most of Sandler’s films don’t exactly earn high acclaim with critics, though many do manage to satisfy his faithful fans. Films like The Waterboy, Click and Grown Ups are just a few of his movies that were well received by fans and managed to earn well at the box office. Of course, that’s not to say that the actor hasn’t experienced his share of critical acclaim during his career. He was lauded for his performance in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love and arguably received even more praise when he headlined the Safdie Bros.’ Uncut Gems.

Sandler’s latest film, Hubie Halloween, hasn’t earned much praise from critics, but longtime fans seem to be enjoying it just fine. In addition to starring many of Sandler’s frequent collaborators, it also features some nice callbacks to his most popular films.

It has to be a good feeling when Adam Sandler knows he’s about to drop a hit, and one can only hope that he gets to experience that sensation more often than the other one.

Hubie Halloween is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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