John Wick Is Getting His Own Roller Coaster, So Buckle Up

John Wick

The John Wick franchise is one of the most popular action franchises out there right now. Three films have been released and two more are already in the planning stages, with no indication that Keanu Reeves is going to be ready to hang it up even after that. The franchise could truly be called a "roller coaster ride" as the story of the films has taken John Wick all over the world, put him in front of numerous dangerous adversaries, and very nearly killed him on multiple occasions. However, John Wick is on the verge of becoming a literal roller coaster ride as a new theme park attraction has been announced that will see the former professional assassin join the Lionsgate's Motiongate theme park in Dubai.

The new attraction, John Wick: Open Contract, will do at least one thing that's somewhat unique as it will actually give riders two different options for the ride experience. Depending on which queue the rider gets in, you'll either be able to help John Wick avoid being hunted down by assassins, or you can become one of those assassins doing the hunting.

Little detail is being given about what the ride experience itself actually is. As a roller coaster, it could be recreating a car chase sequence, as those are as much a part of the John Wick experience as any gunfight. However, we do know the coaster will be indoors, as it's being built inside a 10-story tall replica of the Continental Hotel, one of the major landmarks of the John Wick universe, and the queue will wrap through the hotel on the way to the attraction.

John Wick isn't the only Lionsgate franchise getting a new roller coaster at the Dubai theme park, as Variety reports that Now You See Me will also be getting its own themed roller coaster, titled High Roller, which will put guests in the middle of a casino heist being pulled off by the film's Four Horsemen.

It's not confirmed what talent from the films might reprise their roles in the attractions, but that's become more the rule than the exception for theme parks in recent years, so we're likely to see some familiar faces.

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The only downside to this, of course, is that unless you live in the Middle East, then a trip to a Dubai theme park is probably in the cards for you in the same way that a trip to Disneyland is right now. Still, Lionsgate and other studios have certainly made noise about wanting to expand theme park presence, and so if we ever get a North American Motiongate park, then we could certainly see John Wick: Open Contract arrive there as well. Of course, with theme park business being what it is, that likely won't be happening anytime soon.

But how cool would it be to be able to walk into the bar at an actual Continental Hotel and order a drink with a gold coin? I'm certainly hopeful that an actual bar or restaurant would be part of this new attraction in addition to the roller coaster. That's the part of John Wick I think would be the most fun to experience.

Both new roller coasters are expected to be opened in 2021, and perhaps when they are theme park business will be back. Motiongate is currently open but operating at about 50% capacity.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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