Josh Gad’s Daughter Had An A+ Response To Disney+’s Once Upon A Snowman

Not only has Josh Gad proven to be one of the most passionate actors and film fans in Hollywood, but he’s also shown that he’s one of the funniest. The actor rarely misses a cue when it comes to making a well-timed joke. This extends to his work on the Frozen franchise, as he has no problem making a pun relating to his fan-favorite, Olaf. Naturally, this sweet sense of humor has also extended to Gad’s children, as his daughter managed to provide the perfect reaction to Disney+’s Once Upon a Snowman.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a press event for Once Upon a Snowman, during which co-directors/writers Trent Correy and Dan Abraham spoke about teaming up with Josh Gad for the new short film. While discussing his work with the actor, Correy couldn’t help but recall a hilarious encounter he had with Gad’s young daughter at the film’s wrap party, because it was there that he learned her thoughts on the short:

Josh came in excited. He brought his family and his little kids, which was adorable. His little daughter came up to me. I'm not sure how old she is, But she came up to me. And she kind of shakes my hand, and she says, ‘I didn't like the short. [Pause] I loved the short!’ And I was like, ‘She is Josh Gad's daughter.’ The timing was perfect that even I fell for like a three-year old’s joke. And in your mind your thinking, ‘What?! Whoa, we worked so hard. Don’t tell your dad.’

If that’s not a Josh Gad-like reaction, then I don’t know what is. Even at a young age, Gad’s daughter seems to already have her father’s sharp sense of comedic timing. One can only imagine how startled Trent Correy must have been before she finished her thought. The moment is a testament to the honesty of Gad’s daughters, who previously revealed to their father that they weren’t too pleased with his Artemis Fowl beard.

It’s honestly hard to disagree with the young lady’s sentiments on Once Upon a Snowman. We’ve seen the release of a few Olaf-centric shorts as of late, but this one is particularly special because it puts the focus on Olaf’s origins. The short film reveals what happened in the immediate moments after Olaf was brought to life by Elsa in 2013’s Frozen. Along the way, the snowman learns about the world around him and discovers a thing or two about himself.

The idea for the film was originally conceived by Trent Correy while he was working on the original Frozen, and both he and Dan Abraham took care in presenting Olaf’s first steps. Through the film, they even managed to give Olaf a moment that the Frozen films haven’t.

Correy, Abraham and their team have to be breathing a sigh of relief that their new film has not only been well received by fans across social media but also by Josh Gad’s daughter. You can’t help but love her response, and I, for one, hope the little lady never loses her great sense of humor.

Once Upon a Snowman is now streaming on Disney+ (opens in new tab).

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