No Time To Die’s Lashana Lynch Reveals Backlash She Faced After 007 Casting

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It’s been a hard road towards the eventual release of No Time To Die, as fans expectations for the 25th James Bond film have been blooming rather intensely. Sadly, as we’ve seen with other huge franchises like that of the Star Wars saga, there’s a darker, unpleasant side to the fan anticipation for Daniel Craig’s final film. In particular, there’s been a racist backlash against Captain Marvel star and brand new 00 Lashana Lynch. And as the actor disclosed in a recent interview, she unfortunately was ready for such an occurrence.

Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar, Lynch dove into subjects such as her initial reticence to play Nomi in No Time To Die, as well as her eventual acceptance of this opportunity as a tribute to her roots as a British born Jamaican. With such a discussion, there’s obviously room to address the nastier side of the fandom and how it’s reacted to the key news that Lashana Lynch, while not being the new Bond, is about to become the new 007. That information comes with its own challenges, but as Lynch herself confirms, it was to be expected:

I am one Black woman — if it were another Black woman cast in the role, it would have been the same conversation, she would have got the same attacks, the same abuse. I just have to remind myself that the conversation is happening and that I'm a part of something that will be very, very revolutionary.

After James Bond’s retirement between Spectre and No Time To Die, it seems that Lashana Lynch’s Nomi has become the new 007 after attaining 00 agent status at MI6. But that distinction can be lost on some audience members, as everyone’s so used to the “James Bond 007” brand making the man and the number synonymous. Just as Cary Joji Fukunaga’s entry into the canon of the cinematic incarnation of James Bond is set to break some boundaries and change things up with Bond himself, the 007 call number is another opportunity to revolutionize the future of this prolific series.

What’s even more unfortunate about the backlash that’s been visited upon Lashana Lynch is the fact that it’s not even anything new. Rather, the 007 twist in No Time To Die seems to have just stoked the fires of racism ever fresher, as Lynch was already dealing with such fallout back when Nomi’s big reveal was simply a rumor. Internet villainy aside, Lynch is definitely primed to have some fun with the role.

Ever since seeing Nomi in action in the first trailer for No Time To Die, and straight through to the most recent looks we’ve gotten, Lashana Lynch’s new 007 has not only shown the trademark wit of her predecessor, but she’s as lethal as Bond has ever been. Audiences will have to wait until April 2, 2021 to see Lynch’s super spy in full effect, but when that day finally comes, it’ll be historic, for sure. Though, as always, just because there’s a new 007 in town doesn’t mean that James Bond won’t return.

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