How Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Already Out And About After Recent Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator: Dark Fate
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You’ve heard it countless times before, and you’ll hear it again from Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’ll be back! Sure the iconic Terminator line is a predictable one at this point, but it rings true as a mantra for the 73-year-old actor and former Mr. Universe as he bounces right back from another heart complication. Last month, Schwarzenegger underwent surgery to replace an aortic valve in his ‘ole ticker.

In the last week of October, the Conan the Barbarian actor had his aortic valve replaced in Cleveland, Ohio. Now, he is already now back at home in Los Angeles back to business as usual riding his bike along Muscle Beach. Arnold Schwarzenegger shared this update on his Instagram:

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Arnold raced down the beachy streets of West Los Angeles to say he’s “feeling good again” while masked up and back on his bike. After his heart surgery, no one would blame him if he slowed things down and took it easy for a month or so, but that’s not what Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to do. He regularly rides his bike around his LA, and he’s ready to once again.

The former California governor makes it look easy, but he must have had a recovery period between his surgery and his optimistic update. Right? The aortic valve helps the blood flow out of the heart to the rest of the body. With a fresh valve now in place, he must be feeling better than ever. Check out Schwarzenegger in late October following his surgery below:

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is no stranger to heart surgery. Back in 2018 right before he returned to play T-800 with Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor in Dark Fate, he had an emergency open heart surgery to replace his pulmonary valve. During a Snapchat commencement speech earlier this year, the actor went in depth about the experience to the 2020 graduating class, whose commencement plans were disrupted by COVID-19.

His 2018 surgery was supposed to be a non-invasive procedure but unexpectedly became life-threatening to the actor. Arnold Schwarzenegger went from recovering at the hospital to returning to train and being on set for Terminator: Dark Fate on the same day he was initially supposed to be… well, because the dude’s a badass! That’s my only honest explanation here.

Schwarzenegger was born with a heart defect called aortic stenosis, which causes the heart to pump harder than usual to get its blood through the aortic valve. The actor also had his pulmonary valve replaced back in 1997 as well. Of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been one to let his health stop him from being a part of awesome projects. He has a lot to be excited about, such as the upcoming “global spy adventure” television show and being the grandparent to Chris Pratt and his daughter Katherine’s first born, Lyla.

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