Red Notice: Dwayne Johnson Looks Like A Meme In Latest Set Photo

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At this point in his career it seems like Dwayne Johnson has done it all. He's one of the biggest and most successful stars in Hollywood. He's had a strong of movie hits. He's a multi-time WWE Champion, and he's probably going to become part of a Disneyland attraction before too long. However, not all of the star's accomplishments have been quite as impressive. He's also the star of a popular meme that includes a slightly embarrassing picture of Johnson in a turtleneck and a fanny pack that has become so infamous, you'd think he might never wear a turtleneck sweater again...and yet.

I'm fairly certain that Dwayne Johnson isn't trying to make me think of the hilarious meme. His Instagram shot is designed to get us excited for his upcoming Netflix action movie Red Notice. And yet, all I can think of when seeing this picture, is that he's missing the fanny pack. Maybe The Rock is specifically trying to kill the meme by looking especially badass in a turtleneck, and I mean, he might be on to something. Check it out.

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Of course, while this picture is making me snicker to myself, the purpose of it is to actually give us a few details regarding the plot of Red Notice the Netflix action movie that, following its own COVID-19 related production delay, is wrapping up filming just now. We now know that the movie will surround a MacGuffin called Cleopatra's Egg, which sort of looks like a Fabergé egg, but I guess is even older. This will be the object of interest for the film's three main characters. Dwayne Johnson plays the FBI profiler. Gal Gadot is the art thief, and Ryan Reynolds plays the conman.

The movie is officially given a 2021 release date in Dwayne Johnson's Instagram post, though we're not given any window smaller than that. Netflix rarely gives much indication when its original content will be dropping until just before it happens. On the plus side, because this is a Netflix movie, it likely won't need to be delayed any further so even if we continue to see theatrical releases getting pushed around the schedule this movie will still be happening on time.

And with a cast like Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, this is is almost guaranteed to be a big movie when it comes out. If it had been a theatrical release it could have been a pretty big blockbuster, possibly one of the highest grossing original movies in its year. The movie was a big get for Netflix and if the movie is as good as its promise, it could end up being one of the biggest original projects the streaming service has ever seen.

I'm just really hoping that the turtleneck isn't Dwayne Johnson's main wardrobe for the entire movie. If it's in one scene, that's fine, but if he's going to be wearing that outfit for most of the movie I may spend the entire film distracted. He's looked a lot better in other images from the set.

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