Kristen Stewart Describes One Happiest Season Scene In Which She Was So In Awe Of Dan Levy

Kristen Stewart and Dan Levy in Happiest Season

Christmas movies have a special place in the film world, as they have the potentially to be re-watched annually by families who are celebrating the holiday season. Hulu's Happiest Season is no exception, although the upcoming romantic comedy is breaking new ground in regards to LGBT visibility. Directed by Clea Duvall, Happiest Season follows a lesbian couple (Mackenzie Davis, Kristen Stewart) as they travel home for the holidays and are forced back into the closet in the process. The cast also boasts Schitt's Creek icon Dan Levy, and Kristen Stewart recently shared how she was in awe over his performance during one scene in particular.

Anticipation has been steadily building for Happiest Season, in no small part thanks to the killer cast assembled by Clea Duvall. Moviegoers are especially eager to see the combination of Kristen Stewart and Dan Levy, especially with the actress sharing fun stories from the set. But it turns out that one scene in particular left her awestruck. As the Twilight alum revealed,

The moment he looks at me and describes his coming out story and encourages me to see how hard it can be from a different perspective — it feels historical. I’m like, 'We’re in a movie, but also fuck the movie!' We’re in 2020, and watching him say that in that scene just feels like so different and cool. I feel so lucky to have been around him. In that moment, it’s like a rare opportunity to feel like — shit, we definitely put a little flag in there.

Talk about a glowing review. It looks like even Kristen Stewart was affected by the groundbreaking nature of Happiest Season, especially regarding Dan Levy's role as John. Because despite already reading the script and being in the midst of scene, the 30 year-old actress was still taken aback by what the upcoming Christmas movie will represent for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Kristen Stewart's comments to Variety shows just how much Happiest Season means to the iconic actress, which is a feeling that will likely be shared by Hulu subscribers when the movie arrives straight to homes this week. While originally meant for a full theatrical release, Clea Duvall's latest directorial project still managed to arrive in time for this year's Christmas Season. And it seems the movie might inspire some very important conversations with families during this time.

Dan Levy became a household name thanks to his work as showrunner/writer/star of Schitt's Creek. The acclaimed comedy swept at this year's Emmy Awards, so fans are eager to see his role in Happiest Season. For his part Levy was featured prominently in the film's trailer. Check it out below.

Kristen Stewart's press tour for Happiest Season has been chock full of fun anecdotes about working with Dan Levy. From teaching him to chug a beer to being impressed by his heartfelt performance as John, it's clear that the two actors formed a bond when working on the holiday movie. Luckily the public won't have to wait very long before getting a chance to see the project for themselves.

Clea Duvall assembled a killer cast to bring Happiest Season to life, which will likely pay off as the movie has the potential to be replayed every Christmas season moving forward. Obviously Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis are the movie's protagonist, but other familiar faces include Victor Garber, Mary Steenburgen, Aubrey Plaza, Ana Gasteyer, and Mila Kunis.

Happiest Season will arrive on Hulu November 25th. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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