A Key Spider-Man 3 Contributor Has Confirmed Their Involvement In Tom Holland’s Latest

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A few weeks ago, during his appearance on the ReelBlend podcast, composer Michael Giacchino strongly hinted that he would be returning to Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man franchise to score the third movie, which currently is filming in Atlanta. Makes sense. He collaborated with director Jon Watts on both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, and discussed at length on the show about how he evolved the hero’s main theme from one movie to the next. It’s justified that he’d get the opportunity to work on Spidey again. Well, we reported it, and now Giacchino has confirmed it:

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Heading HOME again, eh? Is Michael Giacchino getting cute, and doing his best Tom Holland impersonation by revealing what the title of the third Spider-Man movie will be? Unlikely, as a Tweet would be too obvious of a place to reveal what the subhed of Spider-Man 3 will be. However, we do expect it to involve the word “Home” somehow.

One reason why we haven’t been able to give our best guesses as to what the subhed will be is the fact that we don’t have any clue what the story of this third Spider-Man film will be. When last we saw Peter Parker (Tom Holland), his secret identity was being revealed to the world by a dying Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), which could/should create all sorts of problems for Marvel’s mighty webslinger.

But the plot of the sequel remains a huge mystery, with only a few bits of significant casting at our disposal that we can use to speculate. It has been confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange will be in the movie, though we don’t know if he’s a major player, like Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr. in Homecoming) or a cameo bit like he played in Thor: Ragnarok. We’ve also heard that Jamie Foxx is back as Electro, though that makes very little sense because the last time he played Electro, Andrew Garfield was playing Spider-Man for Sony. I break that down in this exclusive video:

Back to Michael Giacchino for a second. He’s a genius. Spider-Man is one of the very few Marvel superheroes who has a recognizable theme song (outside of The Avengers, as a team), and that’s thanks to the brilliance of Giacchino. His incredible work has elevated Pixar films, Star Trek films, and so much more. Listen to our entire conversation with Giacchino as part of the ReelBlend podcast:

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As for more details on the third Spider-Man movie, we just have to be patient. The sequel is filming in Atlanta as we speak, though precious few details have come out. We don’t know the movie’s main villain (usually common knowledge at this point), or how significant players will be involved. We do know the movie’s release date, though, and that will be December 17, 2021.

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