TikTok Is Creating A Ratatouille Musical And Even Disney Is Getting In On It

Remy and Linguini in Pixar's Ratatouille
(Image credit: (Pixar/Disney))

Pixar has delivered many animated films over the past 25 years, including the upcoming release of Soul, and 2007’s Ratatouille has remained an underrated title among them. But in true fashion of the Paris-set comedy’s message that “Anyone Can Cook,” the theater kid side of TikTok has been collaborating on a musical for Ratatouille. Via the video-sharing app, talented songwriters, vocalists, costume designers, set designers and so forth have inadvertently created an incredible tribute to the movie, and now Disney is getting behind it.

Well, sort of. Ratatouille the Musical has garnered a lot of attention in the past couple weeks, including the voice of Remy, Patton Oswalt, who is actively sharing the TikTok videos based on Brad Bird's film. The studio itself has yet to respond to the phenomena, but the Disney Parks TikTok account couldn’t help but join the fun with its own entry, and inside the not-yet opened Ratatouille Epcot ride no less. Take a look:


It’s an unexpected little move for the company that many thought would intentionally ignore or shut down this musical. The video is a rap number about Remy that actually takes place inside Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in Epcot park within Orlando’s Disney World. Now that the musical has the attention of an official wing of Disney, we hope to see it actually come to life on stage one day, because wow, is this brilliant. Let’s take a journey down the TikTok rat hole for a moment here and appreciate it. First you’ll need your Playbill.


That looks pretty official to me! As you heard, there’s a theme song for Ratatouille the Musical and everything. As with most Broadway affairs, it would all start with a dance-heavy sequence. There are tons of entries into TikTok that visualize what this song would look like on stage, including these dancers choreography:


There’s also been so many amazing entries to the song’s cast album, including any early song by Remy’s dad, who, as you may remember, is not keen on his son’s cooking habits. He’d much rather forage for literal garbage and look after the other rats. Gabbi Bolt created the song for Remy’s dad, check it:


Y’all, it gets better. If you somehow are experiencing this for the first time, let me continue with more seminal entries into Ratatouille The Musical. There’s this one from Linguini and Colette, who, of course, is a fan-favorite dynamic in the movie. This one was crafted as a tango and it’s been stuck in my head for days in the best way!


This TikTok trend is actually really beautiful, especially at a time when theater is shut down for the most part. There are so many talented people who are getting noticed, maybe for the first time through this platform, and are getting to collaborate with people from across the world on this musical. Technically it only exists on the internet, but imagine if it actually happened? We’ll have Jeremy Crawford play us out with his emotional reprise for the opening number:


Ok, is anyone else tearing up? Disney, make it happen! After you’ve ventured down your own TikTok rat hole, check out what to watch on Disney+ on Thanksgiving weekend.

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