Aubrey Plaza Wants To Host The Oscars, Calls Herself ‘This Generation’s Billy Crystal’

Up until the last few years, having a host at the Oscars was a longtime tradition. Over the years, countless stars have taken on the job and have brought their own spin to the storied awards show. It’s unclear how the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science will proceed in the coming years and some have questioned whether a host is still necessary. Thought that hasn’t stopped some people from throwing their hats in the ring for the position, and that includes Aubrey Plaza, who has even dubbed herself “this generation’s Billy Crystal.”

CinemaBlend’s Jeff McCobb recently caught up with Aubrey Plaza to discuss one of her newest films, Black Bear. During the interview, the Oscars came up and, when asked if she would consider hosting, Plaza responded positively, jokingly comparing herself to actor and comedian Billy Crystal:

Of course, are you kidding? I’m available, sign me up. I would absolutely love to. I am this generation’s Billy Crystal. We all know that.

On the surface, Aubrey Plaza’s answer may sound a bit sarcastic, but the actress would truly love to host the show. She further explained that she holds a lot of fond memories of the Academy Awards shows of the ‘90s and loved the fact that hosts really used to “put on a show”:

I’m serious. I have nostalgic love for the ‘90s Oscars ceremonies, I grew up on those ceremonies. Whoopi Goldberg flying in on the harness. In those days, they really put on a show, and now, it’s like the computer is running the show. ‘We’re not having a host, we’re just reading off the teleprompter.’ We need to put on a show, it’s Hollywood. Are you kidding? Put on a show. I’m always interested in doing that, but I’m not sure if America is ready for that.

Aubrey Plaza is definitely one of the most unique personalities in Hollywood and has already proven that she can be an entertaining host. Earlier this year, she hosted the Independent Spirit Awards, where her signature sarcasm and dry wit were on full display. All in all, she has the chops for the gig and could carve out a place for herself in Oscars history alongside people like Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Martin and Billy Crystal.

Crystal has actually shared some thoughts on the Oscars going without a host for the foreseeable future. The comedian loves the show’s usual tradition of having a host and believes that when you have a lengthy ceremony like the Oscars, it helps to have a host who can mine entertainment from the unpredictable nature of the show. He makes a fair point, as Jimmy Kimmel can tell you just how unpredictable the show can be.

Hosting the Oscars may not be for everyone, but it definitely seems to be a dream job for Aubrey Plaza. Hopefully, the Academy will take notice of her interest and provide her with the opportunity to give viewers an unforgettable show.

Until then, you can catch Aubrey Plaza in Black Bear when it hits both theaters and digital on December 4.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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