The Rock's Fans May Be Impressed By His Muscles, But Cute New Video Shows His Family Is Not

Dwayne Johnson is the biggest movie star on the planet. That's not simply to say he's an incredibly popular actor who has starred in movies that have made billions of dollars. Dwayne Johnson is also a physically massive dude. The former WWE superstar has an incredible physique and he usually finds an opportunity to show it off on screen. It's one of the things fans have come to expect. However, while moviegoers may not be able to get enough of The Rock, Johnson's kids apparently take a lot more to be impressed.

The future Jungle Cruise star gave fans a peek into his home life on Instagram recently with a cute video of his kids running around before bed. The children are given an option to check out daddy's muscles before they go off to bed, but they are, without exception, totally fine not seeing that, thank you very much. It's literally enough to drive The Rock to drink. Check it out.

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While most fans would likely take any opportunity to be impressed by Dwayne Johnson, his kids don't seem to know how good they have it. For them, he's just dad, and they see him all the time, especially right now with film production still moving slowly if at all. From the Instagram post it sounds like Johnson has tried this line with his kids before, and they routinely tell him they don't want to see his muscles. Still the definitive way in which they shut him down is pretty funny.

While I certainly don't have Dwayne Johnson muscles to show off, as somebody with a young daughter myself, I can certainly relate to the humbling experience they can be. Whatever you might think might impress them is more than likely going to fall flat. Impressing kids seems to be largely impossible. Why look at dad's muscles when they could, instead, just run around in an endless circle? That seems much more fun doesn't it? Kids are weird, man.

Maybe the kids will be more impressed with dad's muscles the next time they see him on the big screen. Before too long, hopefully, Johnson will finally be filming the long awaited Black Adam and in that one dad will be a comic book superhero. One hopes something like that will impress them enough. And unlike nearly every other actor who has played a comic book character, Dwayne Johnson won't need any additional padding or CGI to make him look physically imposing. The Rock is basically already a comic book come to life.

Odds are Dwayne Johnson's kids don't have a full understanding of who their dad even is. For them, he's just dad, which is the way it should be. As they get older, they'll likely get to be a bit more impressed by dead old dad. And Dwayne Johnson will probably remember fondly the days when nobody wanted to see his muscles.

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