Following Alexandra Daddario, Looks Like Halle Berry's Also Living The No-Pants Life This Year

This year has been a crazy one, changing our routines and shifting things about our culture momentously. Just a few short weeks ago, actress Alexandra Daddario spoke out, humorously advocating for pants-free living in 2020. Now, it seems Halle Berry basically has the same mindset for the year.

Halle Berry has seemed very happy in her relationship with Van Hunt recently, sharing plenty of posts about and with her new man. But her latest Instagram post is a solo one, where’s she’s wearing one of her man’s tees, a hat and no pants. This is just life now guys. Jeans, dress pants, slacks, harem pants, culottes, palazzo pants, corduroys: who really needs them?

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While Halle Berry seems to be leaving the pants life behind, Alexandra Daddario recently was candid about being straight up over it. The actress, who is appearing in the Michael Bay-produced movie Songbird this month, humorously reflected on how she got used to not having to wear pants in quarantine. Personally, she said she doesn’t even understand why jeans used to be a thing! Per Daddario:

Night shoot day off all dressed up; put on hat, color coordinated mask to outfit. Still haven’t worn shoes in weeks unless required for work. I don’t know why I own pants anymore. Or jewelry. I actually saw a pair of jeans in my luggage and wasn’t sure what they were. Decided to put them on, and honestly, why did we ever wear those things in the first place?

In Alexandra Daddario's case, swimwear and sweats seem to be her clothing of choice, though she was seen wearing jeans once in the time since she made her humorous comment.

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It’s definitely true that clothing has changing a lot during 2020. I personally used to go into an office most days and wore heels on many of those days. Now, the shoes getting the most use are my running shoes and the Birkenstock knockoff sandals I throw on to grab the mail every day. I’ve heard from a lot of people who aren’t going in to essential worker jobs that sweatpants have become the clothing of choice. It’s a whole new world out there, people.

Alexandra Daddario may have to begrudgingly throw jeans on for work right now, and Halle Berry may need to follow suit some days. The actress is currently attached to Roland Emmerich’s latest film Moonfall, a space movie about the moon getting hit by an asteroid, which makes sense for the director's oft disaster-oriented bent. That movie started principal photography back in October in Montreal.

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Still, she seems to have plenty of time to maintain her no-pants attitude and in general these days a lot of people can probably relate.

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