Tron: Legacy's Complete Soundtrack Is Now Streaming, To Celebrate The Film's 10th Anniversary

Tron: Legacy Daft Punk manning the turntables at the End of Line club

A decade has passed since Disney’s Tron: Legacy reintroduced the legacy of Kevin Flynn and The Grid to audiences old and new. While the final box office result has left a cinematic follow-up in limbo up until recently, the iconic soundtrack by electronica masters Daft Punk has been something that’s endured in the years since its initial release. But up until now, you’ve only gotten part of the musical story, as the standard Tron: Legacy soundtrack was the only version available to stream. Today that changes, as if you’ve been dreaming of a world you didn’t think you’d ever hear again, the complete soundtrack is now available.

In honor of Tron: Legacy’s 10th anniversary, there’s been some news that’s led to celebration by its fans. This week was no exception, as it was revealed that Spotify had a brand new listing for Tron: Legacy – The Complete Edition available for listening. It’s news that couldn’t have come at a better time, because in order to listen to the “complete” experience previously, you’d have to do some digging or flash some cash.

Earlier this year, Mondo ran a newly remastered printing of the Tron: Legacy score, with snazzy artwork and beautiful colored vinyls to complete the look. Unfortunately that run was limited, and it was sold out almost completely that very day. So not only were fans left in the lurch, but they’d have to purchase the original out of print editions of the Tron: Legacy vinyl, or look up tracks like “Sea of Simulation” or “Sunrise Prelude” on YouTube.

The reason for that latter inconvenience is the fact that songs like those were used as retailer exclusives when selling fans the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. To get “Sea of Simulation,” you had to buy the CD through Amazon; and to nab “Sunrise Prelude,” you’d have had to buy Daft Punk’s score through the Nokia Music Store. Eventually, the 2013 vinyl release would be the one ID disc to rule them all... or so we thought.

Looking back at the Mondo soundtrack release of Tron: Legacy from earlier this year, there are 29 tracks available across the two 45’s. However, Tron: Legacy – The Complete Edition has 31 tracks to its credit. So even with this sought after item in your hands, you’d still be missing out on “Father and Son” and “Outlands, Part II;” both of which aren’t listed on the Mondo edition’s track list. We’ve talked about it enough, but now prepare to gaze upon the glory that is the complete edition of Tron: Legacy’s soundtrack, provided below:

At this point, one has to wonder if Tron: Legacy’s soundtrack sales rival the money that Tron’s arcade game raked in back in 1983. Whether that answer is true or false, the impression this musical landscape has made with film fans is enough for people to want to see Daft Punk return for scoring duties on the proposed Jared Leto film, tentatively known as Tron: Ares. It’s something to definitely consider for the future of Tron, and it’s going to be even harder to deny with this music out on the internet, ruling harder than ever on many a playlist to come.

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