Justice League’s Ben Affleck Reveals His Relapse Happened On The DC Movie

Ben Affleck in Justice League

Justice League’s Ben Affleck has experienced quite a few difficulties in his nearly four decade-long career. The actor became a go-to director and producer in Hollywood while battling personal issues. One issue that has been publicized is his battle with alcoholism. Despite being sober for several years, Ben Affleck revealed how his relapse happened on the set of the fifth DC Extended Universe movie.

The Batman actor spoke candidly with The Hollywood Reporter’s Award Chatter podcast about his life, career and struggles. In recent years, his battle with alcoholism has been covered by the tabloids and absorbed by the public. His sobriety struggle has been well documented, especially during the filming of Justice League. Ben Affleck went on to tell how his relapse occurred on the DC movie’s set, saying:

I started drinking too much around the time of Justice League, and it's a hard thing to confront and face and deal with. I've been sober for a while now, and I feel really good — as healthy and good as I've ever felt. And the process of recovering from alcoholism has been really instructive. I think it's great for people who aren't alcoholics, you know? Like, 'Be honest. Have integrity. Take accountability. Help other people.' It's a good set of things that they teach you. It took me a little while to get it — I had a few slips, like most people — but I feel really good.

Ben Affleck went into more detail about addiction running rampant in the film industry. He mentioned being a closeted alcoholic compared to others he has worked with. In his words:

If you knew how many actors and directors and writers were alcoholics or compulsive in some way — I mean, it's the most ordinary thing in the world in Hollywood. I've worked with actors who showed up drunk! And that was not me. I drank, like, alone in my living room and just passed out, like, with scotch. But I got sober.

Ben Affleck’s hindsight is refreshing as he deals with life as a recovering addict. The actor’s battle with alcoholism was one of many problems that plagued the ill-fated Justice League.

The actor's life seems to be on an upswing, as he has reportedly moved in girlfriend Ana De Armas, and is possibly moving to Australia. Ben Affleck has maintained a good co-parenting relationship with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. It was recently announced he will step back into the director’s chair for Disney’s adaptation of the novel Keeper of the Lost Cities. He is set to appear in the thriller Deep Water and The Last Duel, the latter also starring Matt Damon. Despite initially leaving the Batman role, he and Michael Keaton are set to reprise their respective Caped Crusaders in The Flash.

When it comes to addressing personal issues, Ben Affleck has been very vulnerable and aware of his sobriety journey. His words are those of someone reflective of how things got out of control. You can check out the actor now in The Way Back on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.

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