Watch Dakota Johnson And Jimmy Fallon Settle Big Debates, Including Whether Twilight Fans Should Be Team Edward Or Team Jacob

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob divided an entire generation of Twilight fans, but when push came to shove, it was all sparkles over even golden tans for Bella Swan by the end of the series. Edward Cullen is the more daring and dangerous option, inspiring E.L. James’ erotic Fifty Shades series, paving the way for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan to portray another pair of star-crossed lovers.

With that in mind, Dakota Johnson is kind of part of the Twilight family, once or twice removed. While playing a game on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host and actress discussed famous debates such as the Titanic door, Friends“We were on a break” discourse and Twilight’s love triangle. Here how they settled it:

Dakota Johnson: Oh, umm, Team Edward!Jimmy Fallon: Yeah, I think so too.

It’s unanimous. Team Edward it is. And while there are most certainly some Jacob fans who would stand up in his honor if the late night show was still being filmed in studio, it definitely feels like the majority seems to be aimed at Bella’s favorite vampire these days too. Although Jacob is technically the safer and more natural option for the teen to go for, Bella fits in much better with Edward Cullen when you look close up at the details.

Sure, Jacob does have a major leg up by not wanting to kill her and drink the blood between her flesh. But it’s book series; no one is actually advocating for vampire boyfriends. Dakota Johnson did not offer much explanation as to why she settled the famous Twilight debate how she did, but check out how it shook up between her and Jimmy Fallon:

Do you think Dakota Johnson is a Twilight fan? The fanbase has recently found a resurgence this past year with the release of Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun, a long-awaited retelling of the first book from Edward’s perspective. The book further fanned the Team Edward flames as we were able to get the teen vampire’s side of the story as he fell in love with Bella. We’d be interested in what Jacob’s POV might be like too, but it’d unlikely change most of our minds about Edward and Bella.

Team Edward has also been amped up thanks to Robert Pattinson’s renaissance in Hollywood the past few years, whether that be his role in Good Time or in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet last year. The actor is suiting up to play Batman next for Matt Reeves’ noir treatment of the Dark Knight, whilst Taylor Lautner has gone largely off the grid since Twilight aside from a few projects like Scream Queens and The Ridiculous 6.

Where do you stand? Team Edward or Team Jacob? Vote in our poll below to cement your blood pact.

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