After John David Washington Fanned Out About Dad Denzel's Success, He Left His Father 'Speechless'

John David Washington in Tenet

Ask any actor in film today who their favorite actor or influenced them to become one, most will answer Denzel Washington. One actor who idolizes the two-time Oscar winner is his son John David Washington. In recent years, the younger Washington has followed in his father’s remarkable footsteps. John David recently fanned out about his father, leaving Denzel speechless.

To say Denzel Washington’s acting career has been impressive is an understatement. He has been one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars for decades, scoring Best Supporting Actor and Leading Actor Oscars along the way. John David Washington has followed in his father’s footsteps, scoring Golden Globe and SAG nominations. The elder Washington was interviewing with Access for his latest film The Little Things with co-stars Rami Malek and Jared Leto. Towards the end of the interview, there was a clip shared of the younger Washington praising his father after he was named “The Greatest Actor of the 21st Century”.

It’s about time somebody’s saying it. You know I think he is, he’s one of the greatest to ever do it. So, it was a very proud moment for our entire family.

After hearing the clip, Denzel Washington sat for a moment before asking who said it. The interviewer stated John David Washington gave the quote before repeating it. The two-time Oscar winner seemed taken aback by his son’s words before sharing his thoughts.

Wow, I’m speechless. I forgot what the question was, but I’m speechless. I didn’t know he said that.

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Seeing Denzel Washington’s reaction to John David Washington’s words spoke more to a father learning how his child sees him rather than an actor hearing praise from another actor. The younger Washington gave the moving quote last year while promoting his film Tenet. Clearly they're both very successful actors in their own right.

John David Washington’s career has been on the rise in recent years, and it is partly due to some early career advice from Denzel Washington. The guidance continued as the younger Washington moved back in with his parents during COVID-19, including some chores. His Tenet director Christopher Nolan was enthusiastic about the father and son collaborating on a film. The two shared the screen before the younger Washington was famous in two Denzel Washington films – Malcolm X and Devil in a Blue Dress.

John David Washington’s role in Malcolm & Marie has been garnering Oscar buzz despite issues over the age difference between him and co-star Zendaya. He will next be appearing in Netflix’s Beckett along with a David O. Russell film. While the younger Washington’s career continues to rise, Denzel Washington will star alongside fellow Oscar winner Frances McDormand in The Tragedy of Macbeth.

Denzel Washington’s stunned reaction to John David Washington’s praise shows the father and son bond the two actors share. Sometimes, praising a parent can be easier to do with someone else rather than to their face. If you want more of the elder Washington, you can check out The Little Things on Jan. 29 in theaters and on HBO Max.

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