Harry Potter’s Emma Watson Apparently Has A Doppelganger Who Looks Eerily Like Her

Anyone else ever been stopped in your tracks while you’re out and about when a stranger swears they’ve seen you before or know you from somewhere? It’s undoubtedly a daily occurrence for celebrities, since we all do know them from somewhere. But there is apparently actually a one in 135 chance that we all have a look-alike roaming around in the world at the same time we are. And I think we’ve just found Harry Potter actress Emma Watson’s doppelgänger.

We’ve watched the 30-year-old British star grow up since her first starring role in the original Harry Potter movie back in 2001. But at the same time, 31-year-old Kari Lewis was growing up in the U.S. and getting recognized as the franchise’s Hermione Granger. Nowadays, she cosplays as the character at conventions. Check it out:

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Double take much? If I passed by Kari Lewis, I would absolutely convince myself I’d just been in the presence of the Little Women actress. When she was recently interviewed by Marie Claire, Lewis talked about the first time she was recognized as Emma Watson’s doppelgänger:

I was approached by a couple of young girls at a post office and they called me Hermione. I didn't recognize the name, so I went home and looked it up. It was around the time the first Harry Potter film was released.

Now, this is just insane. It’s one thing to be the doppelgänger of a celebrity, but Emma Watson and Kari Lewis grew up at the same time and Lewis has apparently looked like the actress since she was a kid. And she's found some creative ways to capitalize on the fact that she resembles one of the world's most recognizable stars. Here she is rocking Hermione’s school uniform on her Instagram:

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Kari Lewis has been dressing up as Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger since 2017, when she attended her local Comic Con in Indiana. In her main gig, she works as an instructional assistant, but she enjoys dressing up as the actress on the side, even making some money for her picture-perfect portrayal of Watson’s Disney role in The Beauty and the Beast:

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Are you drifting off thinking about your doppelgänger yet? The pair definitely share a similar facial structure, and she absolutely nailed Emma Watson’s iconic eyebrows. It’s so interesting how genes from completely different families can align so perfectly.

And Emma Watson is in serious luck with her doppelgänger playing tribute to her work, instead of I don’t know, framing her for murder or something? Can we also put it out in the universe for Kari Lewis and Emma Watson to meet someday? Seeing these two right next to each other would be seriously wild!

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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