6 Marvel Characters Emma Watson Would Be Perfect To Play

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

Kevin Feige once revealed not too long ago that he took inspiration from the Harry Potter franchise when crafting the structure of his own universe of Marvel movies. Yet, only one alum of the Wizarding World has shown up in the MCU thus far (Toby Jones: the voice of Dobby and Dr. Arnim Zola in two Captain American movies), and it is surprising to me that the superhero treatment has not been given to someone more like Emma Watson.

In fact, her role as Hermione Granger, one of the most highly skilled witches at Hogwarts in eight films already makes her more than qualified to be a superpowered vigilante, as far as I am concerned. Not to mention, she already has a place in the Disney wheelhouse with her role as Belle in 2017’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, meaning Kevin Feige practically already has her number. So, why is she not superhero yet?

Emma Watson has been actually associated with a few MCU casting rumors (such as a role in Black Widow or more recently Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange sequel), but without any confirmations. Perhaps they have just not found the right character for her. Maybe I can help with that.

Rogue, from X-Men


It will be odd to see someone other than Anna Paquin playing the part of Rogue, but it'll be exciting to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe put a fresh spin on the character. If that involves casting a new Rogue, casting Emma Watson makes the most sense to me. As I have already stated, the 29-year-old English actress knows a thing or two about playing a character who can master a variety of challenges. Rogue is one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men for her ability master any power you could challenge her with by absorbing it from the challenger. Convinced yet?

Kitty Pryde from X-Men

Kitty Pryde

If not, there are plenty more X-Men character Emma Watson would do great at. For instance, there is Kitty Pryde, who earned the nicknamed Shadowcat for her ability to pass through solid objects, or even make solid objects intangible, which comes with additional benefits like self-camouflage, accelerated travel, or even phasing through alternate planes of existence (which was somewhat referenced in X-Men: Days of Future Past when Ellen Page's iteration was able to telepathically send Wolverine into the 1970s). From donning invisibility cloaks to zipping through the past with a time turner in the Harry Potter movies, Watson has this role in the bag.

Dead Girl from Marvel Comics

Dead Girl

You know, there was actually a moment in 2009 when Emma Watson was the victim of a celebrity death hoax, which were, sadly, all the rage at the time. She is probably over it by now but, if I were to recommend a unique way to get back at those wretched internet pranksters, I would play a character who only becomes more powerful after they have lost their life, just like Moonbeam or, as she is better known in the Marvel Universe, Dead Girl. This former aspiring actress was murdered by a fellow actor, which would unlock her natural mutant powers of immortality, reanimation of severed limbs, and a telekinetic link with the deceased, that allowed her to avenge her own death and earned her a spot on the X-Force. You know what that means: Ryan Reynolds, get her in Deadpool 3!

Marvel Mercenary Outlaw


Of course, the chances to fight alongside the Merc with a Mouth do not stop at undead mutants, although it is particularly hard to kill this crimefighter thanks to a genetic mutation that gives her enhanced strength, healing, and durability, to name a few. That might explain the simplicity behind the costume Inez Temple chooses when carrying out her duties as the mercenary Outlaw: a name that, along with her signature cowboy hat, reflects her Texas roots. The frequent collaborator, and occasional lover, of Deadpool is also an expert combatant and marksman, and that resilience is a side of Emma Watson we have not seen very much of, outside of her badass dramatization of herself in This is the End, perhaps.

Marvel Comics assassin Carmilla "Scorpion" Black


I would actually call Emma Watson’s part in This is the End a particularly good audition tape to play Scorpion. Not to be confused with the Spider-Man villain, Carmilla Black gets her name from her mutated “stinger” arm that secretes a deadly venom which, despite the trouble it has put her in, has also come in handy for her as an assassin for both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra (which, of course, are one in the same in the MCU. Introducing to her to the franchise would make for some very intriguing storytelling, given certain implications (such as natural green hair) that support Bruce Banner could be her biological father… or perhaps, that plot point might not make much sense within the timeline. However, Watson playing this next character in a movie could also spark potential confusion, but would be justifiably warranted, nonetheless.

Elektra Natchios from Marvel Comics


Technically, this character is already part of the MCU canon, as played by Élodie Yung on Netflix’s Daredevil and crossover series The Defenders, but when is the last time a Marvel movie made any effort to confirm that connection? With this short-lived, but much loved (and much darker) corner of the MCU having been cancelled by its streaming service home, if it were up to me, I would retcon those series as a separate standalone iteration and reintroduce Daredevil and his deadly on-and-off lover Elektra Natchios in their own respective films and give the anti-heroic assassin role to Emma Watson. I think she could bring an unexpected charm and new depth to the character which, in turn, would help her solidify an aura of badass that she has yet to fully present onscreen.

What do you think? Does Emma Watson deserve to play any of these comic book goddesses, or does she deserve better? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for more information and updates on the former Harry Potter actress here on CinemaBlend.

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