Could Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman Appear In The Flash Movie? Here’s What She Said

michelle pfeiffer as catwoman in batman returns

DC's Flash movie hasn't even begun filming yet and won't be released for nearly two years, assuming it isn't delayed yet again. Still, it's one of the most talked about projects coming from DC. The movie has been confirmed to be an adaptation of the Flashpoint comic storyline, and as such, appears set to bring in the multiple film versions of DC characters that we've seen on the screen over the years. We know that Michael Keaton's Batman will appear in some capacity, so could we see any of that Batman's rogues gallery as well? Like, say Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman.

It seems that, according to the actress herself, there are no apparent plans for her Selina Kyle to appear in any future DC movies. But the only thing preventing that from happening is Warner Bros. not showing interest. Michelle Pfeiffer recently spoke with ScreenRant and she told them that she would love to play Catwoman again, but nobody has requested she do so. According to Pfeiffer,

I would if anyone asked me but no one's asked me yet.

Of course, now that Michelle Pfeiffer has made it clear that she would return, one wonders if anybody at Warner Bros. might be making a phone call right now. At this point it's unclear how many of the classic versions of DC characters might appear, or how significant their roles will actually be. But it certainly feels like there's an opportunity for a Catwoman cameo at the very least. So who knows, maybe we'll see it.

While Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman appears to die in the finale of Batman Returns, we see in the final seconds that she is still alive, so a new movie can literally just pick up from where that film left off as far as it concerns an older Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. The Joel Schumacher sequels never dealt with the fact that Catwoman was apparently alive, so there's no need to even retcon anything. Not that retconning has ever been a deal breaker for the genre.

Catwoman and Batman have traditionally had some sort of romantic relationship, and such a dynamic was explored in Batman Returns. So maybe Bruce and Salina have grown old together in the alternate timeline we'll see in the Flash movie. It would certainly be interesting to see not only how time has treated Gotham's heroes, but also the villains. Some rumors have indicated that Keaton could return in more than one movie, so even if Michelle Pfeiffer doesn't appear in this particular film, it's possible she could return in another.

If we're really going to go all-in on a DC movie multiverse, why not bring back everybody? While I have my reservations about the entire concept, if it's happening. So let's allow everybody their triumphant return.

Dirk Libbey
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