Megan Fox Offers Thoughts On Machine Gun Kelly’s SNL Performance

This weekend marked the first SNL show of 2021, with John Krasinski hosting and Machine Gun Kelly stepping up as the musical guest. Naturally the internet is going to have its own opinions on how the night went, as the comedic institution always has its fair share of supporters and detractors. But as far as Megan Fox’s opinion of the evening is concerned, her boyfriend did quite well in his performance. In fact, she spoke so highly of the evening that you could say it was one for the history books.

Recent photos of the two on the New York streets this past Saturday night/Sunday morning hit the internet, courtesy of Fox’s Instagram account. The sharp-looking couple was kind of adorable in the shots on display, and the encouraging feedback from the Jennifer’s Body star is definitely in support of the home team. Check out those photos, and Ms. Fox’s bold proclamation, presented as follows:

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“Best performance that show has ever seen.” To be able to say that when it comes to the late night legacy that’s seen musical guests like The Beastie Boys, The Blues Brothers, Lorde, and more recently Jack White, is a pretty huge claim. However, seeing how supportive the partnership between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly is, it's not a concrete claim but simple hyperbole. And it’s actually really sweet to see such a sentiment help nurture the bond between them, as well as start SNL’s 2021 on a promising foot.

It was definitely quite a night for the 30 Rock crowd this past weekend, as not only did Machine Gun Kelly’s performance apparently outrank anything that came before it, but John Krasinski’s opening monologue had a bit of a bombshell as well. What started as a simple gag about asking the director of A Quiet Place 2 random questions about his role on The Office turned into a makeout session between Krasinski and Pete Davidson. Oh, and as you’ll see below, there was that whole debacle where Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly fell off the Studio 8-H stage during the show’s curtain call. So maybe it really was a night to remember.

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The rest of this season’s musical performers are going to have quite a game of catch up on their hands, if Megan Fox’s critique of Machine Gun Kelly’s SNL gig is any indication. Which means if you haven’t programmed your DVR to capture it all live as it happens, you might be missing out on the good stuff. Your move, Phoebe Bridgers. As always, stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more news on what Megan Fox is up to professionally and personally.

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